Brides of Asia in their sartorial resplendency in Perth

Australia, August 5, 2018
Alisha Farrer, a rising star of the Indian film industry was at her sartorial best as an Indian Bride at an event recently held in Perth, Western Australia.
As a thespian with a record of more than one box-office hit even as her career was launched in Mumbai, stole the show as more than 700 men and women applauded the ‘Golden Girl’ as she was led on the stage and on to the ramp by her ‘Groom’ Dino Hira, who has earned the titles of ‘Mr Australia’ and ‘Mr Perfect’.
Traditions come alive
‘Brides of Asia,’ as it was called, the event brought together models from different parts of Asia showcasing varied traditions, costumes and jewellery.
It was held at the Crown Casino Burswood and was hosted by ‘Khazana,’ a popular boutique that stores exclusive Hindi-film style outfits, jewellery and costumes.
Established by Melbourne based Model and Fashion Guru Nowman Kareem, ‘Brides of Asia’ helped guests to understand Indian values expressed through a wedding.
Stage props and decorations by ‘Viva Weddings,’ complete with floral designs and display of the centre theme (Brides of Asia) added to the elegance of the evening. They were enhanced further by ‘brides,’ each of who looked as though they were set to illuminate the matrimonial chapter of their lives.
Colour, Costumes and Culture
Says Rainer (Roly) Farrer, who files this report: “In many Asian cultures, Red is usual for brides, as this colour indicates vibrance and health and has over time been associated with brides. However, in modern times, other colours may be worn or Western styles preferred. Regardless of colour, Asian bridal clothes are highly decorative, often covered with embroidery, beading or gold. In some traditions brides may wear more than one outfit. Japan, India, and the Arab world are brilliant examples.”
The Jewellery Connection
Jewellery embellishes every bride (and groom) in India, and the country’s passion of gold and studded jewellery comes alive at every wedding, with the families of the bridal couples and even guests donning jewellery.
While the Wedding Ring is the most important aspect of a Western Wedding, different styles of jewellery decorate the people of India, depending on the region from which they originate. In Punjab, the ‘Chura,’ (Red and White Bangles) dominate the arms of brides, while in the South, the ‘Mangal Sutra,’ a long chain, often passed down through generations is considered to be the most significant aspect. Most Indian brides wear jewellery from head to toe (depending on the financial status of their families), including the ‘Ottinayanam,’ a belt made of pure gold, round the waist.
Incidentally, India is the only country in the world where gold and gold ornaments are made of pure 22 carat.
The Show
Alisha and Dino were welcomed on stage with four flower girls and a sizzling Hindi song.
Dressed in gorgeous Red with a net dupatta covering her face like a veil (to be lifted by her groom). She made her twists and turns and waited for her groom to join her and her ‘Show Mother, Quin Inne (a Russian model).
Some traditional aspects of an Indian wedding followed.
It was an evening to remember.
Photo Caption:
1. Alisha Farrer as a typical Punjabi Bride
2. Alisha Farrer with Mandeep Aluwalia and Raina Farrer
3. Please her or you are in trouble- Alisha Farrer with her ‘Groom’ Dino Hira
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