Brightening prospects for National economy

I am proud to be the Prime Minister of a nation that is as diverse and vibrant as New Zealand.

The Indian community is one of the many different ethnic communities in this country, and our society is richer for them and the contributions that they make in many ways.

Tapping skills

The National-led Government is committed to creating an environment and economy that supports members of our ethnic communities fully participating in all aspects of New Zealand life, and to tapping into their skills, knowledge and international connections.

We are continuing with our plan to grow the New Zealand economy.

This means more jobs, higher incomes, and better funding of vital public services such as schools and hospitals.

Major Power

On an international scale, India’s rapid development in recent decades as an independent nation is a true success story. It has emerged as a major Asian power and regional economic hub.

Accordingly, India is positioned to become one of New Zealand’s core political, economic and trading partners in the years and decades ahead.

My Government is committed to realising the full potential of the India-New Zealand relationship. Our two countries have many things in common – we share language, a Commonwealth heritage, and of course, a love of cricket.

I know many New Zealanders, especially our Indian community, are looking forward to some great cricket next summer when the best of the best come to our shores for the Cricket World Cup.

Media role

Media outlets such as the Indian Newslink play a very important role in delivering the latest news to your communities.

You also have an important role to play in helping the Indian community informed and in touch.

Editor’s Note: John Key is Prime Minister of New Zealand. The above article was written by him to commemorate the launch of Electionlink in this newspaper, the details of which will appear in our next (April 15) issue. As the Nation goes to polls on September 20, we appeal to all New Zealanders who are eligible to vote, to exercise their franchise, participating in the robust and transparent democratic process that we cherish in our country.

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