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  1. CrestClean South and East Auckland
  2. Pacific Engineering Projects Limited
  3. Global Financial Services Limited
  4. Link 2 Group
  5. Global Imports and Exports Limited


Link 2 Group

Judges’ Comments:

Link2 Group provides services to warehousing and logistics companies. Clever systems ensure that well-trained staff are managed expertly and customer service is discussed weekly with clients.

We were impressed by the Company’s focus on serving its customers, evidenced in its work practices and commitment to ongoing improvements. A significant amount of work has been done to prepare the company for future growth and the team are now looking to move into additional market activities, and to scale up the operation overseas.


Business Excellence in Customer Service- Joyce, Brown, Ravi Sirigiri and Sakthi Krishnoomurthy

Link 2 Group Managing Director Indra Sirigiri with (from left) Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce, Auckland Mayor Len Brown and Mercury Printz Directors Ilango & Sakthi Krishnamoorthy.

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