Business Excellence with Social Responsibility

Business Excellence with Social Responsibility

Sponsor: Rainbow Corner Group of Companies


  1. HealthTRX Limited
  2. VX Tours Nepal


VX Tours Nepal

VX Tours Nepal was established as a response to the poor working conditions of guides in Nepal. There are 30 guides who are compensated above the industry average and provided with conditions and benefits that greatly enhance their well-being.

The Company demonstrates its social responsibility by sharing its financial success with the guides, simultaneously providing superior and safe experience for clients. This is an extraordinary story based on key drivers that reflect a genuine commitment to social equality, placing the Company as the leader in the Social Responsibility category.

VX Tours Nepal Director Vicknes Ganeshan with (from left) Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges, Rainbow Corner Group Directors Rrahul Dosshi, Bhavini Doshii and Fiji’s Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

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