Butchery a cut above the rest

Firdaus Halal Meats is a curry lover’s dream come true.

Conveniently located at Five Cross Roads Shopping Centre, Firdaus is not just a great butchery dealing in fairly priced good quality fresh meat but also grocery products from over 30 countries in South East Asia, Central Asia, the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa.

This store reflects the ethnically diverse population of Hamilton, with more than 80 different types of curries and spice products alone!

Manager Joshana Waris Ali said that the aim of the store is to help expand the culinary experiences of Hamiltonians.

“We encourage our customers to try new products, and we go as far as sharing cooking ideas, tips and recipes with them. Additionally, we help source products that our regulars cannot find elsewhere. We have a wish-list board that our customers can fill with their requests, and if four other customers want the same product, we will do our best to get the products. Many of our customers have become good friends.”

“Our customers say that they love our meat, which is fresh, not frozen, and that our butchers cut/prepare the meat as per their request free of charge. We have come to know our customers so well that we can anticipate what they are about to order. One of our most popular requests is de-skinned whole chickens cut into curry pieces,” she said.

As a mark of respect for Hindu customers, Firdaus Halal Meats uses a separate cutting machine that is free of beef.

“Visit Firdaus today and be rewarded with a wonderful array of culinary possibilities!” Ms Ali said.

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