Call for papers to International Hindi Conference in Fiji

University of the South Pacific, February 15 to 18, 2018

First of three Parts

Sunita Narayan

Fiji, January 1, 2018

This is the first call for Papers to the three-day International Conference scheduled to be held at the University of South Pacific, in Suva, Fiji from February 15 to February 18, 2018.

The Papers could be on any of the following topics: 1. Hindi Literature 2. Diaspora Writings 3. Best Practices of teaching and learning Hindi 4. Hindi Media 5. Status of Hindi- Challenges and Opportunities 6. Career Opportunities from Hindi education 7. Hindi and Technology 8. Importance of Devanagiri Script 9. Youth and Hindi 10. Hindi in Fiji 11. Hindi in Australia 12. Hindi in New Zealand 13. Hindi in Indentured Countries 14. Ramayan and Hindi 15. I-taukei Language and Hindi and 16. Close Relationship between Hindi and Urdu.

Those interested should send abstracts of their Papers, extending to no more than 200 on or before January 15, 2018 to internationalhindiconffiji

Organisations involved

The Indian High Commission based in Suva, and the Ministry of Education of the Fijian government and University of South Pacific are organising the Conference.

The University is an important partner since it has campuses in 14 Pacific countries.

University of Fiji and National University of Fiji are also involved with the Conference along with several social, community and religious organisations functioning in Fiji.

These include Art of Living, Arya Samaj, Fiji Seva Ashram, Gujarat Samaj, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Hindi Parishad, Hindi Teachers Association, Hindi Writers Association, Hindu Society, India Fiji Friendship Association, Multi-Cultural Centre, Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha, TISI Sangam and Vishva Hindu Parishad.

The involvement of the I-taukei community will enhance the value of the Conference.

Indian High Commission Fiji

The Suva-based Indian High Commission has been marking the ‘Namaste Pacifika Festival since October 2017. The six-month-long Festival (ending in March 2018) is being held in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

Late last year, the Indian High Commission hosted an International Ramayan Conference in collaboration with Fiji Seva Ashram and other religious bodies.

The first of its type in Fiji, the Conference attracted more than 45 renowned academics and scholars of Ramayan from all over the world.

As well as India which is playing a major role in next month’s International Hindi Conference, Australia, New Zealand and countries of the Pacific will also be involved. Delegates are expected from other countries such as Guyana, Mauritius, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago where indentured labour system existed.

Hindi in Fiji

There are thousands of people in Fiji who speak and understand Hindi.

Despite being used extensively in media and its presence in Universities, somehow there has never been an International Conference on Hindi in Fiji.

Fiji has strong traditional ties with Pacific countries and sentimental connections with the indentured countries. Apart from these, writers and academics from America and other countries are also expected to attend the event.

Hindi media will be covered extensively in this conference apart from academic and historical topics.

Therefore, the forthcoming Conference will be historic.

Editor’s Note: Although Hindi is not the National Language of India or Fiji (it is among Official Languages of the two countries), it is widely understood and spoken mainly influenced by Hindi films, Hindi television programmes and programmes featuring Hindi film stars. In New Zealand, Hindi is the fourth most widely spoken language (according to Statistics New Zealand) but it is not known how many young New Zealanders can read and write Hindi. Organisations such as the ‘Hindi Language and Culture Trust,’ ‘Teach Hindi New Zealand’ and ‘Wellington Hindi School’ are actively encouraging New Zealanders to learn the language.


Sunita Narayan is the Coordinator of the Wellington Hindi School based in Wellington. She is a Member of the Academic Committee of the International Hindi Conference due to be held in Fiji next month. She attended the previous World Hindi Conference held in Bhopal from September 10 to 12, 2015 and her report appeared in Indian Newslink, November 15, 2015 issue.

Ms Narayan is currently in Fiji, mourning the loss of her mother, a report on which appeared on our December 30, 2017 Web Editions and Social Media. She can be contacted on 022-6427652; Email: sunita.d.narayan


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