Caring for the future elevates Party values

Raj Singh

Throughout the election campaign, I have had a chance to connect with many communities across New Zealand, particularly in my own home in South Auckland.

One thing that has come across clearly, whether I am out at a community center or a Mosque or a shopping mall is that Green values align so well with many of the things that everyday New Zealanders care about.

Concerning issues

When I talk to people, they tell me that they are concerned about having safe drinking water, about poverty in New Zealand and about the state of New Zealand’s environment. The Green Party is committed to tackling the issues that matter for our future: climate change, poverty and clean rivers.

We are the only Party in New Zealand that has the track record, the values, the ideas and the vision to make these happen.

Climate Challenge

Climate change is the number one challenge that confronts our planet.

Businesses from all over Aotearoa are already doing the right thing and taking action – but they need a government that is committed to supporting real climate action.

The Green Party will commit to real climate action with a commitment to Zero Carbon Aotearoa by 2050.

New Zealand led the world in votes for women and in going nuclear free.

We can and should lead the world in showing what this looks like; a thriving society with well-paying, secure jobs fueled by clean energy.

New Zealanders sleeping in warm, energy-efficient and healthy homes connected by modern public transport.

Credible Plan

We have a credible plan to clean up our dirty rivers and guarantee access to clean, safe water. We will charge water bottlers, who make enormous profits from our water, fairly and redistribute the funding back to iwi and local government. The money will be used by them to clean up our polluted rivers and guarantee clean, safe drinking water.

We are the only Party that is committed to ending poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We have a poverty-busting plan which will ensure that people who need income support get what they need to make ends meet and thrive.

Good Governance

A decent government does not use the threat of poverty as a weapon against its own people, and with the Greens at the heart of a progressive government we will put a stop to it.  Ending poverty also means reducing crime and making our communities safer.

Poverty is one of the main drivers of crime in our country and along with our plan to invest in community policing and in creating well-paid, secure clean energy jobs; this will make our communities more prosperous and safer.

The Green Party stands ready to provide a green heart and a green backbone in the next progressive government.

If you like what we stand for, we need your support now more than ever.

Raj (Pardeep) Singh is a Barrister & Solicitor by profession. He is Green Party’s Candidate in Manukau East in the forthcoming general election on September 23, 2017

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