Carnatic Music finds new highs in Auckland

Venkat Raman –

We had mentioned in our curtain-raiser to the ‘Sangeethothsavam’ of New Zealand Carnatic Music Society (Indian Newslink, May 15, 2016) that Auckland would end its dry-spell to welcome a downpour of Carnatic Music.

It was a not a prophesy based on knowledge of Astrology or ability to foresee the oncoming events but an instant realisation based on the names of performers invited to the annual Music Festival.

Renowned Performers

The Festival included a Veena and Violin Concert by Dr Jayanthi Kumaresh and her husband Kumaresh Rajagopalan on Saturday, June 4, 2016 and a Vocal Music Concert by O S Vaidyanathan, popularly known as Arun with Embar Kannan on Violin.

J Vaidyanathan was the Mridangam artiste at both Programmes held at Mt Roskill Intermediate School Auditorium located at Denbigh Avenue.

Two experts of our Tamil community – Veena artiste Malathi Vasudevan and Vocalist and Music Teacher Priya Vijay accepted our invitation to review these two concerts independently. Their reviews appear in this Section.

The highlight of the ‘Sangeethothsavam’ was the performances of the students promoted by NZCMS, which conducts qualifying examinations at various levels.

A review of their performances will appear with photographs in our next issue.

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