Celebrate life as if there is no morrow

Ashok Kochhar – 

It is often said, “When life becomes a celebration, every moment becomes sacred and every breath a blessing.”

People are always looking for a reason to be happy and hence every moment can become a joyous occasion – from a small family picnic to Diwali or Christmas.

Not only is it an opportunity to meeting friends, renew relationships and making new friends, but it also gives many new memories for everyone to cherish.

The Common Thread

Celebrations are integral to all cultures and though the ways of celebration are varied and diverse, the essence of joy and togetherness are the common weaving threads in all the celebrations.

Any celebration, no matter how big or small it is, gives a deeper meaning to lives and brings a sense of belonging towards a larger segment of the society, which has always been the strength of many civilizations.

As a photographer, I look at people and things from various dimensions.

Around New Zealand

I am traveling around the country for 500 days for my project ‘500 Days in New Zealand.’ I observed various close-knit social activities, community activities and tried to co-relate them in one-word: Celebrations.

New Zealanders are always looking for an opportunity to enjoy life, meet friends and go outdoors to celebrate life.

Almost every day, there are hundreds of such events taking place all around the country. People are always in a happy mode and would like to listen to your story and talk openly about any topic of mutual interest.

I am happy to be a part of these social activities and my friends’ list is increasing every day.

Being a photographer I believe in showcasing my thoughts through visuals, please witness for yourself.

Ashok Kochhar is an international photographer who launched ‘500 Days Across New Zealand’ in December last year. He lives in Hamilton.

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