Charity work fosters human spirit

Charity work- Mahesh at Dumb & def School.jpgThe Indian economy may be one of the fastest growing in the world and India may be a hot destination for investors and businesses but the inescapable fact is that more than 30% of its population lives below the poverty line.

Millions of children and youngsters have no food to eat, no education to pursue and no future to aspire for, and an increasing number of them run the risk of death by untreated disease and ailments.

Against such a scenario of ill health and malnutrition, there are people with a heart and a wallet that open into the coffers of institutions that do commendable work in lifting the lot of the unfortunate in India.

Among them is the Ranchhod Group of Companies which owns, leases and develops properties on either side of the Tasman (Indian Newslink, April 1, 2010).

It Director Mahesh Ranchhod has been proving that corporate success and individual prosperity would be meaningless if one does not spend time and money in relief works involving the unfortunate sections of the society.

The Group established the Ranchhod Foundation in Mysore, located in the South Indian State of Karanataka, in association with the Arka Foundation. The partnership has witnessed some remarkable developments.

Says Mr Ranchhod: “Health camps are run every month to serve the rural areas of Mysore, reaching the elderly and children. There are female and male doctors to treat those in need,” he said.

As well as serving the downtrodden through the Centre for Conscious Awareness, which owns and manages the Arka Foundation, Mr Ranchhod visited the Dumb and Deaf Convent in Mysore and distributed food and pencil cases for children.

“I was shocked to learn that parents would abandon their dumb and deaf children on the streets. Most of them are rescued by charitable organisations, while the fate of many others is not known,” he said.

The Centre for Conscious Awareness (CCA) is a charitable organisation dedicated to the integration of higher spiritual learning to experience the inner truth.

Its Founder, Srinivas Arka, is committed to helping people worldwide to raise their conscious awareness and realise their innate positive potential, role and responsibility.

During his stay in India, Mr Ranchhod also visited the Zion Foundation, which runs orphanages.


Mahesh Ranchhod with inmates of the Arka Foundation in Mysore, India

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