Chat over Coffee brews Corporate Partnership

Chat over Coffee brews Corporate Partnership

Our Special Correspondent

It was during the Summer of 2018 that Jaimini Devta and Komal Shah met over a cup of Coffee and chatted about life and what their roles were as mothers and as individuals.

Fast forward to March 2019, they were exactly where they should be – owning their Dream Company, namely ‘3Media.’

And then came along Mahendra Bisht, the technical brain behind it all.

That was how 3 Media was born, with three Directors from different walks of life, with a collective experience of more than 45 years.

Connecting People

3Media is a Kiwi company that understands the world of technology and social media and the importance of Apps in today’s business that keep companies connected to their customers anywhere and everywhere.

Therefore, when we create partnership with you, we not only take your business to the next level, but we also train you on how to run a marketing campaign yourself with your skills.

We make working with us interesting and fun!

The simple formula is that you want your business to be successful. You have the passion.

Passion creates practice, practice creates skills and skills create success.

Just like we have in our team. A team that is energetic and calm.

Some forensic details

There are then some forensic details.

After a lot of discussions and disagreements, we end the day, feeling great about helping a business. One thing we learnt is that in business, it is all about decision.

If you are trying to grow your business, you should hire a team of experts; a team that can take responsibilities, free up your time and give you great results.

So, what does 3Media do?

Everything. We focus on our customers, everything else follows; right from updating   websites to digital marketing to building apps, all under one roof.

Helping Small Businesses

We have been small business owners and hence realise that if you are running  a one-person show, you cannot do everything. Some people can handle everything single-handed but the truth as you know, is that for the most part,  it is quite challenging to decide what to focus on, running the business or promoting it!

Hence, we decided to create 3Media, concentrating on our community and helping our people run the show as smoothly as possible.

We will redesign your systems based on what works for you by building systems that work for you, your customers, what they want, when they want and how they want.


The Team

Lets say Hello to the team!

Komal Shah

She is a woman who loves colours and has an amazing sense of graphics.

Komal Shah knows exactly what will give any website that unique touch.

Whether it is thinking about the right colour or right design, she is our thinking person.

With more than 17 years in graphic design, she can effect a perfect colour match.

Once you have spoken to Komal, her mission is to start building your dream project.

She ensures that the entire project is completed within agreed timelines and with accuracy.

Her other important role is that of a mother; four-year old Kavya is her sole responsibility and she loves every moment the little trouble!

Mahendra Bisht

Mahendra Bisht is our builder. He passion is building websites and software.

From the idea in your brain to the App on the phone, he knows the formula to success.

A Software Engineer with more than 13 years of experience in product development, he is our Technology Master.

Those visiting our offices cannot miss his mesmerising smile.

Mahendra has developed products that not only save time and money for customers but also help them have a greater experience. Be it buying kebabs from a restaurant or booking for a sports event organised by the Council, he can develop an App specially for you.

Jaimini Devta

Planning comes naturally to Jaimini Devta.

One of the key elements for any business is planning. As a mother of two children, running as many businesses (!), success wouldn’t come if planning isn’t accurate.

Jaimini has enough energy and enthusiasm that can take us through the entire week.

Her finance background and more recently her role as a Marketing Delivery Manager, she is our ‘Go To Person’ for all strategies and deliveries.

If you are tired of thinking and doing things the same old way, get in touch with us.

Please call Jaimini on 021-0563276 for an appointment.

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