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Affable Aiswarya Entertainments Limited Sasi Nambissan recently completed a Malayalam movie’s Line producer role in Auckland and Rotorua.

The film, titled, ‘Life of Josutty’ has an impressive cast, including popular actors Dileep Jyothi Krishna in the lead with Renjini Roopesh of New Zealand in a secondary role.

Jeethu Joseph of ‘Drishyam’ (starring Mohan Lal in Malayalam) which was remade in Tamil (‘Papanasam’ with Kamal Hassan in the lead) has directed the film, the second half of which was shot in Rotorua in May and June 2015.

‘Drishyam‘ was also made in Hindi with Ajay Devgun.

Great partnership

‘Life of Josutty’ brought together Nambissan and Joseph for the first time.

The movie narrates the story of a less educated village guy (illiterate) hero marrying a New Zealand nurse and landing in Auckland to lead a pleasant life.

The film has all the ingredients for the audience to think, laugh and feel sad for the hero’s plight. Joseph had an excellently skilled team to assist him in his 30 days’ schedule in New Zealand including Ravichandran Ramakrishnan, Cylex Stanly, Pranav Mohanlal, Ayoob Khan and Linta Jeethu.

Film passion

An agreement between Aiswarya Entertainments Limited and Backwater Studios of Kerala brought Nambissan as a part of the film’s crew.

The success of the film has encouraged discussion on a new project which is expected to commence in December 2015, with the production schedule fixed for the summer of 2016.

People in the know say that the success of ‘Serndhu Polama,’ his debut film in Tamil has kindled Nambissan’s passion for films. ‘Life of Josutty’ demonstrates that passion.

Challenging task

Nambissan said that the new Malayalam film was a challenge.

“There were formidable tasks in bringing a 27-strong film crew from India and managing the production with suitable New Zealand based Safety Officer and Production Manager. But the talent, skills, expertise, cooperation and understanding of the New Zealand systems by Joseph made things easy for me and the production team,” he said.

Timely support

New Zealand Video and Television Guild Executive Officer Karla Rodgers extended timely support to Nambissan with her advice and warnings to ensure compliance with the local rules and regulations while on outdoor shooting.

Nambissan was liaising with her during the progress of pre-production and production stages of the Malayalam film.

“We are grateful to the Actors Equity and Directors’ Guild,” he said.

Professional management

‘Life of Josutty’ employed more equipment than ‘Serndhu Polama,’ posing additional challenges of logistics, outdoor shooting, unpacking, installation and packing again.

Murray Love of ‘Love Your Grip Limited’ provided all equipment including trucks, crane and other gears. Location Manager Ron Michael and Safety officer Ian Bairns concerted efforts and liaised with the Indian team and local technicians and service equipment providers.

A number of friends and professionals including artistes like  Shibu Andrews (Hamilton), Saneesh Sebastian, Renjini Roopesh, Dijo John, Bijo John, Justin Mathew, Vaisakh Kumar and Rejoy Antony Paul (Auckland) provided support in production management.

Post Production

The post production work is being carried out in Kochi, Kerala and the movie will be ready for release by Eros International Ltd, a Mumbai based Distribution Company on September 18.

Nambissan expects screening of the movie in New Zealand later this month.

“If the New Zealand government provides financial support such as subsidy just like Australia and Fiji, film production and tourism will flourish in this country. I am confident that more producers will consider New Zealand as their favourite destination,” he said.



  1. Dileep and Jyothi Krishna in a scene from ‘Life of Josutty,’
  2. Ron Michael, Ian Cairns, Sasi Nambissan and Jaylal Menon
  3. Sasi Nambissan and Director Jeethu Joseph


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