Chief Executives Forum to discuss Governance issues

The importance of Good Governance, accompanied by accountability, integrity and transparency, boardroom behaviour and staff, company and resource management are among the issues that would come into focus under a new initiative due to be launched in Auckland next month.

As mentioned in our July 1, 2013 edition, Chen Palmer Public & Employment Law Specialists Managing Partner Chen Palmer is in the process of establishing ‘AsiaNZ CEOs,’ an organisation to promote better interaction between chief executives of Asian origin and their European, Maori and Pasifika counterparts, creating in the process an effective platform to foster business ties with Asian countries.

Achievers & aspirants

Ms Chen, who is also Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Auckland Business School, is keen to promote leadership qualities among aspirants and mobilise the combined strengths of chief executives to look afresh at the emerging Asian markets.

“AsiaNZ CEOs is a professional organisation for Asian New Zealanders who are CEOs and high achievers aspiring to become CEOs. Its vision is to maximise the country’s successful business interface with Asia,” she said.

According to her, the new entity will provide a place for (a) peer to peer support (b) visibility with companies doing business with Asia and (c) chief executives to lead debates with expertise and experience.

“AsiaNZ CEOs will connect Asian talent with New Zealand companies doing business in Asia and help discover business opportunities in Asia about which only Asian leaders know with their cultural knowledge and links. As well as offering training and mentoring facilities to equip future Asian New Zealand leaders to be successful, the Organisation will help emerging Asian leaders to break through the bamboo ceiling and contribute to New Zealand’s economic business success and growth,” she said.

Working relationships

It would also focus on working with Maori, understanding people from Pacific Islands, immigration, employment, overseas investment, resource management development, tourism and hospitality, and dispute resolution, she added.

Among the other proposed activities are monthly workshops and networking, speaker series, annual retreat, media training and public speaking seminars.

Ms Chen believes that as Asia becomes the economic engine of the world, it would be important to recognise and address the challenges of dealing with diverse cultures, business environments and practices and promote synergies between countries with potential and New Zealand businesses.

Criteria & benefits

She said that membership to the organisation, which would attract an annual fee of $500 exclusive of GST, will be open to persons with a record of leadership achievement, contribution to public good and young executives with leadership potential.

“We will target members from a range of sectors, including alumnae of New Zealand Chinese Association Leadership Development Conference, Asian community groups, corporates, academics, not-for-profit organisations and the Government,” she said.

Mai Chen will be the Master of Ceremonies at the Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture, scheduled to be held on Monday, July 29, 2013 from 630 pm at Stamford Plaza Hotel in Auckland. Vino Ramayah, Executive Chairman, Medtech Global Limited, will be the Guest Speaker. The topic of his address would be ‘Transparency: Myth or Reality?’ Tickets priced at $140 plus GST, including cocktails from 630 pm and 730 pm and black tie dinner, are available.

For more information, please call 021-836528 or email

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