Children fare better with learning tools

The Kumon Maths and English Programmes are tailored to each child’s ability to help advance their numeracy and reading skills through daily practice.

Kumon’s individualised learning programmes are designed for each child to broaden their academic ability and to develop their skill-set.

In every child, Kumon aims to foster sound calculation and reading comprehension skills; strong concentration and study habits; ability to learn advanced materials; independent problem-solving and learning; increased confidence; and a love of learning.

The Kumon Method has helped more students succeed worldwide than any other after-school programme of learning.

With more than 4.3 million students experiencing this unique method of learning, your child too can benefit from developing motivation, concentration and confidence for the classroom and in everyday life.

‘Every day brings a new reward…and a brighter future’, says Kumon Instructor Perminder Gill.

She can be contacted at Kumon Mt Roskill Education Centre, Roskill Retail Centre, 203/22 Stoddard Road; Phone: (09) 6262274; Mobile: 021 586669

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