Chinmaya Theatre brings out solemnity of Mahabharat

Meenakshi Iyer

‘Mahabharat, The Rise of Dharma,’ a theatrical production by Chinmaya Mission New Zealand held on three days from September 29 to October 1 not only helped to recall one of the greatest epics of our times but also witness the theatrical talent of our young men and women.

A fundraiser for Chinmaya Mission New Zealand, the three-day Drama, staged at Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar School was a sellout. indicating the fact that our youngsters will receive all the support and encouragement that they deserve in promoting their histrionics.

It was an enriching and enlightening experience.

Epitome of Culture

As one of the most revered epics of Indian civilisation, Mahabharat is a true foundation of Indian Philosophy and Culture. Along with ‘Ramayan,’ the other great preceding Epic, Mahabharat has always excited us as narrated by our parents, teachers and spiritual leaders.

The Chinmaya version of the Mahabharat was a visual treat. Rendered in English, it helped a cross-section of our communities to understand and appreciate the performance.

Artistic Expertise

It was a magnificent and monumental effort by the Chinmaya Mission to bring over 80 people on stage, from tiny tots to adults. The actors beautifully expressed their artistic expertise while playing different characters depicting the human qualities of good or bad, wisdom and foolishness, arrogance and humility.

As the play unfolded, we could identify ourselves with the characters, who were a curious mix of perfections and imperfections.

What a brilliant stage performance it was!

Every artiste lived up to their respective role. From Bhishma, Dhritarashtra, Gandhari, and Drona, Duryodhan, Yudhishthira, Bheema, Arjuna, Draupati to Lord Krishna, there was a sincere display of the character that played with the emotions of people.

The performers, through their dance movements and powerful dialogues conveyed a strong message that one can learn a lot from this most complex story of our history and heritage.

Inspiring team

Their superb acting, colorful sets, costumes, music and dance were mesmerising.

I was awed by the amazing dedication of the team at Chinmaya Mission.

The choreography team deserves a special mention for their dedication and commitment to produce a great show dealing with a complicated subject.

Chinmaya Mission Auckland, led by Swami Atulananda and his team, deserve our congratulations. We hope that the great legacy created by Swami Chinmayananda will continue to instill noble values and inspire millions who believe in leading a meaningful life taking lessons from the spiritual wisdom of India.

Meenakshi Iyer (Meena Venki) is a teacher, with unquenchable interest in the performing of arts of India and reviews music, dance and other programmes of the Indian community. She lives with her husband in Auckland.

Photo Caption:

  1. The episode that sparked a Great War: Draupati (Sumedha Hariswamy) wows to destroy the Kauravas at their Court
  2. Forget the incident and concentrate on your mission: Lord Krishna (Vishnu Mokkapati) advised a distraught Draupati
  3. “You will pay for this!”- Bhima (right) takes a vow before Karna (left)

 (Pictures supplied by Swami Atulananda, Head of Chinmaya Mission, New Zealand)

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