Chinmaya youngsters prepare to present Mahabharat

Venkat Raman 

Mahabharat or Mahabharatam, one of the greatest epics of all times will go on stage in Auckland later this month.

Produced and presented by Chinmaya Mission Auckland in association with Relianz Travel and Kaysons, the drama, titled, ‘Mahabharat,’ The Rise of Dharma,’ will be staged at Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar School (Howe Street, Newton) on September 29 (730 pm), September 30 (2 pm) and October 1 (4 pm).

Tickets priced at $25 per person and $100 for five persons are now on sale. Group tickets must be purchased in advance.

Inspiring Epic

Chinmaya Mission New Zealand Head Swami Atulananda said that the forthcoming production follows the success of ‘Ramayan, The Legend Relived,’ (Indian Newslink, November 1, 2016).

“’Mahabharat, The Rise of Dharma’ is a thrilling production, live on stage for the first time in New Zealand. It will take some of us to the memories of the old TV series that we used to watch and surprise others with the contemporary style of dance and drama,” he said.

Atulananda said that the Drama will be well suited to all age groups and will inspire children, youth and adults, with dynamic acting, choreography, lighting and sound.

For tickets, please text or call Mrinal on 021-2363773; Aniruddh on 021-1359658 or dial

Chinmaya Mission Ashram on (09) 2756954.

Tickets can be booked online

About Chinmaya Mission

Proceeds of the event will go to the Chinmaya Mission New Zealand to fund its activities.

Atulananda said that Chinmaya Mission aims to provide individuals from any background, the wisdom of Vedanta and the practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become positive members of the society.

Watch the trailer of the Play on YouTube, follow on Facebook and visit

Editor’s Note: Mahabharat has left many questions unanswered including the rights of a King to place his brothers and wife as pawns in a game of dice, the ‘unholy silence’ of great warriors and scholars at the King’s court where a ghastly attempt was made to disrobe a woman and the tactics employed at the great Battle of Kurukshetra. But we have often been told that the main objective of Mahabharat and the Battle was to enforce the triumph of Dharma and the adage that Truth always triumphs.


Kunti, the ‘Mother of Guilt’

Dhritarashtra, ‘The King of Tragedy’

Duryodhan, the ‘Prince of Impatience’

Karna, the ‘Warrior of Remorse’

Draupadi, the ‘Queen of Misfortune’

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