Christchurch Gurdwara moves into new building

Jitender Sahi

Christchurch, June 17, 2018

It was a dream come true on Sunday, June 10, 2018 for the Sikh Community in Canterbury as the ‘Gurdwara Singh Sabha Christchurch’ moved into a new building.

The new Gurdwara, under the umbrella of the New Zealand Sikh Society South Island Inc is located at 537 Ferry Road, Christchurch.

It took seven years (after the 2010/2011 earthquakes and the aftershocks) for the Christchurch Sangat to become a reality.

However, the prayers never stopped during this period with the Sangat gathering every Sunday at the Community Hall in Cashmere.

Work in progress

The team efforts headed by Harjit Singh resulted in the New Zealand Sikh Society South Island Inc acquiring the building. A bit of work was carried out to bring the building to align with values of Sikhism.

It is still work in progress and we invite anyone wanting to contribute financially or otherwise to contact us.

The whole team was very emotional when the gates opened.

It was amazing to see a large number of attendees coming as far as from Timaru to get the blessings and become part of this historic event in South Island.

Other activities

The Gurdwara will be open every day in the morning and evening for prayers.

The Sikh Society’s plan is to organise weekly Punjabi classes for children within the Gurdwara premises shortly.

There will be daily Sri Sukhmani Sahib Path and kirtans as well as langar organised every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Jitender Sahi is a spokesperson for the New Zealand Sikh Society (South Island) Inc.


Photo Caption:

  1. The ‘Panch Pyare’ entering the ‘Gurudwara Singh Sabha Christchurch’
  2. A section of the community at the Gurudwara
  3. Kirtans at the new Gurudwara in Christchurch

(Pictures sent by Jitender Sahi)

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