Classical art from canvas of history

Ratna Venkat

There is perhaps no one alive today to recite his or her personal experience of Raja Ravi Varma, but descendants of generations of proponents of the art would demonstrate its nuances.

Such a demonstration is in store for the discerning at Auckland’s ‘Q’ Theatre on Saturday, October 10, 2015. The event will commence at 830 pm.

Journey steps

It would be an evening of Bharata Natyam, one of the finest forms of Indian classical art, which has stood the test of time, inspiring millions of people around the world to follow its steps.

The programme, called, ‘The Artist’ will be presented by ‘Yatra’ (meaning Journey), featuring a group of dancers trained in India and New Zealand.

The show has been put together by a common passion for Bharata Natyam.

“The Artist’ pushes the envelope with fusion music and creative lighting to add drama to the narratives explored in Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings, while the choreography stays true to the tradition and discipline of this ancient dance form.

Divine Creation

“From brushstrokes to dance steps, from static beauty to dynamic flair, Yatra will present a dance creation inspired by the artwork of one of India’s famous artists,” organisers said.

Among the choreographers and performers would be Kamshika Umasuthan, Parvathy Krishna,

Ravichandra Bedadala, Shanika Gnanakumar and Vaishnaavi Gnanasampanthan. The performance of Amuthini Prasanna was not confirmed at press time.

Celebrated Artist

Ravi Varma (April 29, 1848 to October 2, 1906) was known for his paintings and his early mastery of oil paint raised him to fame. His depictions of characters from mythology and his life-like portraits of women are well recognised and reproduced throughout India, even today.

‘The Artist’ would breathe life into Varma’s artworks through Bharata Natyam.

Anjali Pondicherry (Poster and Marketing Design) and Avelin Chetty (Music Compilation) are corroborators of the Programme.

  What: The Artist (Bharata Natyam)

            A tribute to Raja Ravi Varma

Who: The Yatra Group

Where: Rangatira Q Theatre

             305 Queen Street Auckland

When: Saturday, October 10 at 830 pm

Duration: One Hour

Tickets: From $22 to $36


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