Concert pays tribute to Indo-Bangla culture

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Similarities between Bangladesh and Indian cultures will come to the fore as an entertainment programme goes on stage in Auckland on March 13, 2016.

Shithi Saha will be the centre of attraction as the Saturday evening programme scheduled to commence at 7 pm at Mount Albert War Memorial Hall, 773 New North Road in Mt Albert.

A number of local artistes will accompany her, rendering a number of songs that have earned the hearts of people on both sides of the Bay of Bengal.

Transcending borders

“We hope to have a gathering of music lovers to celebrate Indian and Bangladesh cultures at the Concert (called ‘Shithi and Friends in Concert’). Music has no boundaries and Bengalis everywhere share a common traditional, cultural and social values,” Shithi said.

Among the highlights of the programme will be the release of ‘Mon Bolika,’ her fourth solo album which debuted in Bangladesh last year.

Musical family

Born in a family of musicians and music lovers in Bangladesh, Shithi learnt to become a vocalist through her mother Shakti, encouraged by her father Shamir. Her younger brother Shantonu is reportedly a good guitarist and Tabla artiste. While all of them live in their native country, Shithi migrated to New Zealand with her husband Raj Sekhar three years ago.

A talented singer, Shithi began her musical journey at the Bangladesh Shishu Academy when she was five years old. A year later, she switched from rendering folk numbers to the songs composed by Nobel Laurette Rabindranath Tagore.

Progressive career

As well as her mother, Shithi’s mentors were Ashok Saha (in Kustia) and the Late Ohaidul Huq (in Dhaka). Membership to the Chhayanot, Rabindra Sangeet and Shommelon Parishad gave her insight and later proficiency in classical, folk and modern styles of music. She has won more than 100 awards in her career, including four National Awards given by ‘Rabindra Sangeet.’

Her first music album called, ‘Kichhu Bolbo Bole’ was released when she was 16 years of age. A collection of the songs of Tagore, it earned the attention of a cross-section of the society.

Her second Album, released in 2009, was titled, ‘Kolpona,’ under the ‘Laser Vision’ banner. Her first solo album, titled, ‘Golpo Patay,’ comprising 12 new songs has been widely acclaimed as impressive, is available throughout Bangladesh.

Shithi is noted for her ‘Taka,’ a duet with Ferdous Wahid in Bangladeshi film ‘Projapoti – the Mysterious Bird.’

Solo Albums

Her first solo album, ‘Golpo Patay,’ available in all major music stores in Bangladesh, contains 12 new songs and have gained media attention. She also made her footprint as a playback singer in ‘Projapoti – The Mysterious Bird,’ a popular Bengali film.

In 2015, her latest Album and 4th solo “Mon Balika” was released in Bangladesh.

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Shithi Saha is a singer whose talents have gone from stage to screen

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