Conservatives for family values

This election you have the chance to party vote for the Conservative Party.

By voting for us, you are voting for the party that supports traditional family values, a strong stand on Law and Order and deliver a smaller and more efficient government.

We are the Party of traditional family values and the only one that opposed gay marriage. We are also one of two parties opposed to the anti-smacking law. This is because we believe that the traditional approach to family is best. We support the parents raising the children as they see best, not the government interfering.

We are the Party of Law and Order.

With Law and Order, we want to make substantial changes that will see criminals held fully accountable for the crimes they do. Criminals should be working to provide their own food and maintain their own accommodation. Where possible they should be repaying victims of crime.

We are the Party of Less Taxes.

When a referendum was held in New Zealand 82% of voters wanted to reduce the number of politicians. We agree and support reducing the number of politicians to the 99 that the public had sought. We also want to introduce tax free threshold that will mean you pay no tax on the first $20,000 that you earn. We think that you can spend the money you earn better that a government bureaucrat.

If you want a party that supports traditional values, is tough on crime and will take less in taxes from you then this election party vote Conservative.

Paul Young is a member of the Conservative Party contesting in the election scheduled to be held on September 20.

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