Convention to focus on youth and women

The New Zealand Sanatan Naari Sabha will provide a platform for people to connect, support and network at its annual Youth and Women Convention.

The event will be held from 9 am on September 9 at Shiv Mandir, 43 Holmes Road in Manurewa.

The Convention aims to involve the younger members of the society and women in activities that would enable them to learn more about their culture and heritage.

Indian culture is rich and great but we may lose its values in course of time, if we do not take steps now to preserve and promote it.

The Sabha focuses on educating the Indian community on social problems such as drugs, bullying, teenage suicide, binge drinking, family violence, health-related diseases and other social issues.

British Professor Richardson once said that New Zealand has higher inequality and worse social problems than other advanced countries.

We would therefore like to create awareness of issues of relevance and importance to the community.

Manukau District Court Judge Dr Ajit Swaran Singh, Labour MPs Dr Rajen Prasad and Louisa Wall, Immigration Officer Robert De Bique, Auckland University of Technology Professor Elaine Rush, Social Worker Raewyn Bhana (SAFVPN), Child, Youth & Family Services official Manju Verma are among the keynote speakers at the Conference.

Mavis Singh is President of the New Zealand Sanatan Naari Sabha.


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