Cricket comes after class score

It has been a great year for Cambridge International Examination results at ACG Sunderland.

Deborah Yin was placed Top in New Zealand for A Level Mathematics and hot on her heels with just 2% in it was Anurag Nadgir, now in Year 12.

“I was actually at an outdoor camp at National Park when the results came out, so I did not have online access. I did not find them out for a couple of days but was pretty happy with them,” he said.

What Anurag did not mention was that he was actually accelerated in Mathematics and was sitting A Level Mathematics as a Year 11 student, rather than Year 12.

An all-rounder

ACG Sunderland Principal Nathan Villars says, “Anurag is a real all-rounder and a very modest student. He is very bright but he is also very involved in sport and music.”

While Anurag would like Cricket to be more than a hobby, he is the first to say that schoolwork comes first. He currently plays for the school team and plays Club Cricket for Suburbs New Lynn.

For IGSCE, Anurag also took music, which gave him an opportunity and his longstanding band members to get more serious about their playing. With Anurag on the guitar, the band plays a variety of genres from rock, alternative through to pop.

With the start of the New Year, students all over the country are settling down into their studies. Anurag’s goals are to keep studying hard and keep improving his results.

For him, it is all about the work ethic and giving it your best shot by working hard.

The above material was supplied by ACG Sunderland.

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