Cryptocurrency Mobile Apps gain popularity

Jitendra Bhojwani

Auckland, January 12, 2018

With the widespread popularity of Cryptocurrency, the need for secured cryptocurrency wallets and associated Apps are also escalating.

Depending on the preference and requirements of individual users, there are several Apps that can be used to store the cryptocurrency and make transactions.

The following are a few such popular Apps.

Bitcoin Checker

Bitcoin is the feature-rich cryptocurrency App that offers the most current prices of numerous cryptocurrencies across the globe, keeping you updated.

The App deftly couples the simplicity with high functionality by showing maximum usable information and requiring easy steps.

The quality, as well as quantity of information it shows, is helpful for beginners as well as advanced users. Apart from popular options like Bitcoin, the App also offers good information on lesser-known peer like Doge coins.

Bitcoin Price IQ

Bitcoin Price IQ focuses on providing investor-friendly features for extended functionality and making wise investment/retrieval decisions.

Apart from supporting the currencies of 165 different countries, the App also helps you with its historical charts and timely alerts about highs/lows.

The neat design, along with comparatively easier interface, is an asset for beginners who want to enter the world of bitcoin investing.

Block Folio

Block Folio is another powerful App that helps you to closely tack different aspects of your cryptocurrency investments and measure volatility.

It helps you with its powerful tracking technique that is capable of closely monitoring as many as 800 different currencies and furnishes essential details of each of them in a friendly format for your perusal.

The news sections allow you to remain updated with the hottest happenings and latest developments in cryptocurrency industries, thus promising competitive edge as well as early bird benefits.

Besides, you can confidently manage your investment goals with the help of powerful notification features like automatic alerts upon reaching specified pricing threshold.

If you are an advanced cryptocurrency investor, then Block Folio can be the best option.

If you are interested in basic cryptocurrency transactions and storage without haggling with complex processes, then you can go for the that offers a variety of basic transaction features including fund transfers, storage, checking balance and forwarding payments using cryptocurrency.

The App is specifically designed to suit the requirements of basic users that are still at beginner level. Apart from the basic transactions, it also empowers you to buy the gift cards from more than 10 different merchants. The agile transactions and user-friendly interface make it a preferred choice for numerous cryptocurrency users.


If you are looking for bit coin wallet with advanced features, then Mycelium would be the best option for you that offers higher grade control over your transaction and a better flexibility. As an android or Apple user, you can confidently transact bitcoins as its sophisticated security effectively saves you from malicious activities by third parties like freezing your account.

The encrypted PDFs, integrated QR code scanner, and cold storage further fortify the protection while offering you better backup options.

At the same time, the secured chat and a local trading marketplace empower you to safely explore diverse opportunities to extract best benefits out of your bitcoin transactions.

Jitendra is a freelance writer with special interest in technology, although he has a passion for history, travel and lifestyle. Email: worldofwords1970

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