Cultural pluralism brings out inherent versatility

Venkat Raman

Performing Arts transcend ethnicity and language, encouraging every pursuer to appreciate the value of cultural pluralism, says Kartika Singh, who dances were among the highlights of the Fifth Annual Indian Newslink Sports & Community held at Alexandra Park, Auckland on Monday, October 8, 2018.

She performed two numbers – a version each of the Latin American and Middle Eastern dances, well in tune with the mood of the evening, affording lighter moments for the communities present at the Awards Ceremony.

Miss Talent 2018

As well as winning the Crown at the Miss Indianz 2018 held at Mahatma Gandhi Centre on September 15, 2018, Kartika won the ‘Miss Talent’ Contest, a testimony to her penchant for dancing- it was her dance number that won her the honour.

“I do not think there has ever been a day when I have lived without dancing. I have performed many styles, including Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Ball Room, Belly Dance and Tap. I am working hard to achieve my goal in modelling and choreography. I also aspire to produce, direct and present my own show, working in the fashion industry, films and other events,” she said.

She is a proud owner and manager of what she calls a ‘Vintage Salon’ a hair and beauty care enterprise in West Auckland.

Belief leads to action

“I enjoy every minute of my job and for most part, I find peace in making others feel good about themselves. I have always told myself, ‘Imagine it, Believe in it and then you can achieve it.’ It has been four years since I commenced this business and I could not have been happier in life,” she said.

A self-taught choreographer and dancer, participating and leading groups at stage shows came naturally to Kartika, who formed a group while at School.

Pictures of Kartika Singh by Keethan Sundar

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