Customer satisfaction goes beyond pricing

Managing a supermarket is no easy task and with thousands of customers walking in, it is essential to stock items that cater to varied tastes, income groups and daily needs.

It may be easy for customers to pile up their choice of items into a trolley but there exists a long chain of actions and tasks before these items get on to the shelf. Contacts with suppliers, deliveries, logistics, replenishment of products that are in high demand and watching out for items that near their validity date are all a part of the strenuous and ongoing exercise but just how Sam Gounder and his team of 30 dedicated staff go about their business with adroitness is in itself a story.

Food World in the South Auckland suburb of Mangere is an excellent example of delivery of quality products at attractive prices by a friendly team.

Extensive range

Established in 1999, this seven-day shopping phenomenon occupies 2000 Square Metres of space, stocking thousands of items that cater to the demands of a growing list of customers, predominant among who are the members of the Indian and Pacific Island communities. Fruits and vegetables, groceries, spices, soft drinks and beverages, bread, meat, rice, wheat, flour and a host of other items are sold every moment of its 86 hours-a-week operation (Open from 7 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday and from 6 am to 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday).

Ample space for car park is an added advantage at this supermarket.

Mr Gounder said that fruits and vegetables are obtained from local growers and grocers dealing in fresh produce.

“We retail fruits and vegetables imported from Fiji two days a week. We are aware that families prefer to purchase fruits and vegetables fresh and therefore provide the best possible,” he said.

“Sometimes it is difficult to estimate the extent of demand for some products. We have therefore invested in computer technology to not only instantly update stocks but also enable us to replenish them quickly. One of our greatest strengths is to provide what the customers want and never having to say that we have run out of some brands or products,” Mr Gounder said.

A gradate in Corporate Accounting in Finance and Business Management from the Manukau Institute of Technology, he understands the importance of accounting and sound business management. Born and raised in a family, which believes in hard work and honesty, Mr Gounder learnt the significance of human values and the spirit of customer service from his father Kand Samy an uncle Arjun Sami.

He is happy that the expertise and experience of Mr Samy is available in managing Food World.

Mr Gounder said while food items are always in demand irrespective of economic boom or gloom, customers always look for good bargains without sacrificing quality.

“We have major competitors in our area including Countdown and Pak N Save. We strive hard to bring the best bargains possible to our people,” he said.

He said that apart from everyday low prices, fortnightly specials on selected items are popular among customers.

Food World sources its products either directly from manufacturers or through major distributors, thereby effecting cost savings on bulk purchases. These savings are passed on to customers, he said.

“We are constantly finding ways and means of improving customer satisfaction, adding value to the products and services provided,” he said.

Quality Halal

Food World boasts of a quality Butchery and Halal Centre.

“All our products here are Halal certified by the Islamic Board. We are proud to have the services of Shamsu Dean, an expert in the field, who ensures that our butchery meets the highest standards of hygiene and Islamic teachings. We are particular about Halal since a majority of the Muslims living in the area depend on Food World for their Halal certified meat.” Mr Gounder said.

He is confident that with quality products offered at low prices with personalised service will foster the continued growth of Food World.

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