Customer satisfaction goes beyond profits and awards

While recognition, awards and increasing profits could be the stated objectives of any commercial organisation, there are some who believe that these should not be the end in themselves.

Travel 2000 Limited General Manager Mohammed Kashif Khan is proud of his Company’s record of providing service with a smile.

“We are not here to win awards from airlines or other organisations. We are certainly here to win the hearts of our customers through personalised service. This has been our achievement over the years,” he said.

The Mt Roskill based Company provides a wide range of products and services, including tours and packages, group bookings, cruises, hotel accommodation, car rental and travel insurance for both outbound and inbound passengers.

Religious organisations and sporting clubs can expect discounted fares from Travel 2000 Limited, subject to certain terms and conditions.

“Wherever possible, we assist customers in their visa applications, although the timeframe and approvals are the prerogative of the concerned diplomatic missions,” Mr Khan said.

Travel Consultant Sunny Anand said that economic downturn has made people to either put off their holiday travel or try to reduce related costs.

“We have however managed the difficult market conditions well. We are appropriately positioned to utilise expected increase in demand as the economy recovers. Networking with existing and potential customers has been a part of our marketing strategy. We are always optimistic about the future,” he said.

As an IATA accredited agent and a bonded member of the Travel Agents Association of New Zealand (TAANZ), Travel 2000 Limited brings safety and security to customers.

“Membership to these professional organisations is undoubtedly expensive but adds credibility and value to our image,” Mr Khan said.

Innovative ideas

Fierce competition has encouraged the Company to find innovative ways of attracting and retaining customers, apart from offering services at comparable or even lower prices.

Travel 2000 Limited prides itself of well-trained and highly motivated and professional staff. Their ability to speak a number of languages including English, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and Fijian is a source of endearment to a growing number of customers from all over the country.

“We are your travel partner and we are just a phone call away,” Mr Anand said.

The travel store is open from 830 am to 515 pm Monday to Friday and from 830 am to 1 pm on Saturdays. However, customers needing urgent attention can call (09)2153714, (09) 6278671, 021-1018809 or 021-464635 after business hours.

Mr Khan said there were plans to extend the business hours for the convenience of the travelling public.

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