Customised products add to company identity

This is a special year for A1 Safety & Packaging New Zealand Limited.

From a modest beginning, it has grown to be an important player in the market, thanks to the vision, courage and confidence that Managing Director Rohit Deo invested in the Company.

Most major supermarket chains including Pak N Save, Countdown and Food 4 Less are among the customers of the Company, providing variety and reliability at competitive prices.

Quality brand

Says Mr Deo, “Our QIWI brand has become popular; we offer a wide variety including tissues, toilet paper and serviettes. We are continuously expanding our range not only to serve our existing customers but also potential clients. We are currently working on a new line of Qiwi bio-degradable products.”

Packaging products manufactured by A1 Safety & Packaging is vast, with specialised packaging machinery products.

The range extends to individually designed products such as gusseted furniture bags, mattress covers and tailor-made, shaped box covers.

The Company’s Norfolk Polythene Converters manufactures polythene bags in all shapes and sizes, used in an extensive range of industries from commercial laundry to pharmaceuticals.

Ancillary products

The Company also sells ancillary packaging products such as cardboard boxes, tape, bubble wrap, edge guard and strapping.

“With the equipment and expertise to manufacture bespoke polythene packaging products to satisfy individual customer demands, we are a customer-friendly Company,” Mr Deo said.

He said that organisations looking for safety and marking products will always find extensive choice of items.

“With so many options, why would you want to create a custom product? Some companies do not want to spend extra money or time to personalise a safety product. But in some cases, it would be worthwhile,” Mr Deo said.

Customised products ensure a cohesive look for a company’s safety programme. Using products that have a logo, message or graphic will bring synergy to the safety programme, he added.

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