Despite technology, photography remains an art

Parmeet Sahni outlines her journey of life
Venkat Raman (Indian Newslink)
Auckland, September 9, 2018
Reviewing a painting exhibition in our June 2, 2017 web edition, we had said, “One of the easiest tasks that a journalist can undertake is to review a painting exhibition- just publish three pictures of the exhibits and you have a 3000-words story.”
And as a footnote, we had said that the photographs of the exhibition of Eksimar (Simar) Sahni were that of Parmeet Sahni.

The loving Sahni family: Harneet Singh, Simar, Sarnai and Parmeet

The pictures were outstanding but that was no surprise, for, we had known Ms Parmeet as an ace photographer and writer two years earlier and as the Runner-Up at a local beauty contest.
It was therefore a pleasure to receive an invitation to her photography exhibition held on September 2, 2018 at the Fickling Convention Centre, located in Three Kings, Auckland.

Glorious Nepal

The Exhibition, held under the theme, ‘The Gathering of Life,’ highlighted the Himalayan State of Nepal in all its splendour and glory.
Held to raise funds for the victims of floods that ravaged Nepal, the Exhibition attracted more than 200 guests representing a cross-section of the communities during its three-and-half hours run. Among them were Michael Wood, elected Member of Parliament from Mt Roskill and New Zealand Nepalese Association President Shreedhar Basnyat.
There were more than 200 photographs which brought the ‘real essence and rich culture of Nepal to New Zealand.’

‘Namaste’ says this Nepalese woman

Noble Causes

Said a guest: “Ms Parmeet is a passionate and spirited photographer. Those who know her will be aware that she loves to capture emotions and stories in her work. She ‘captured Nepal’ during a solo trip that she undertook to celebrate her birthday earlier this year.”
Another photography enthusiast and admirer said that through the lenses of her camera, Ms Parmeet bought back a glimpse of a divine and mystical Nepal, the eighth wonder of the world.
“The Exhibition aimed to raise funds to provide money for building a library and books and stationery in remote areas of Nepal and educate underprivileged children. I hope to conduct another exhibition soon,” Ms Parmeet said.

Forty winks do no one harm- a Nepalese worker resting

The Art of Observation

According to her, photography is the art of observation.
Quoting American advertising and documentary photographer Elliott Erwitt, she said, “It is about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. I have found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see.”

May darkness go away for ever

About Parmeet Sahni

Parmeet Sahni has been a keen photographer since long but the ‘guilt’ of having left behind thousands of photographs in her native India, when she and her family migrated to New Zealand many years ago, haunted her.
“It was sad; photography has always been my passion,” she said.

Prayers never cease in Nepal

Encouraged by her husband Harneet Singh, she established ‘Soulful Memories Photography,’ to pursue her interest as a photographer, while retaining her daytime job as Team Support Administrator at the Auckland District Health Board.

Inspiring people

An extensive traveller, Ms Parmeet has captured many countries and cities, which she hopes to display as future exhibits to inspire people.
Her Facebook comment is descriptive of her attitude in life: “It gives me contentment to give someone memories to treasure. Thank you, beautiful people for letting me click you.”
Ms Parmeet is also a good writer, an example of which appeared in our February 15, 2015 issue.
She had written about Kawerau, ‘the youngest town’ of New Zealand in North Island.
“We do not realise that when we motivate someone, our soul is moved deeply. That was how I felt being a part of this generous project. I am in love with the people of Kawerau; I am in love with your simplicity and will do my best to contribute as much as I can with the help of my fellow beings. I loved spending time with the children and with each one of you to the core of my being. The trust has the noble objective of serving the community.”
We hope to carry more works of Ms Parmeet in our ensuing issues.

Pictures appearing her were supplied by Parmeet Sahni.

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