Determination transforms flabs to abs

Unlike millions of people who are keen to lose weight but hesitate to undergo the ‘pain’ of working out day after day, giving up favourite food and all other ‘goodies’ in daily life, Najla Al Olayan decided to ‘give it a go.’

The young Saudi Arabian, currently pursuing her master’s degree in Business at the University of Auckland, considered the Holy Month of Ramadan as the best time to put her resolution to practice.

Warwick McKenzie, her trainer at Club Physical Women (located on Queen Street), encouraged her to succeed, and more important, keep up to it.

“Nothing lasts forever. Everything is just a fragment of time. The pain is soon forgotten but the results remain!” he said.

As a Muslim, Najla had to fast from dawn to dusk during Ramadan, abstaining from food and drink (including water).

“That was the best time to achieve my goal of losing weight. I exercised hard. I was under pressure and had to prove that I deserve to be in the CP Programme and win the challenge,” she said.

Najla said she was inspired by the presence of Malti Vallabh and Jelena Novakovic-Stravrevska, who were the ‘Superstars’ and champions of the previous programme.

The Holy Month gave her the strength and determination and by December, Najla had become a woman to be admired and even envied.

Mr McKenzie announced that her weight loss was 21.5 cms, fitness level had improved from ‘Poor’ to ‘Excellent,’ body fat down by 10% and blood pressure down by 33 points. Her nutrition level had also improved – from nothing to fruit and yoghurt for breakfast.

Najla was almost speechless.

“I find it amazing to realise how strong I have become since losing weight. Malti has chosen me as a boxing partner so that we can push ourselves to the limit. I love the feeling,” she said.

Club Physical Chief Executive Paul Richards said that although a majority of New Zealanders could lose weight and get fit, many would discourage them saying it would be waste of time.

“But research has shown that a healthy 46% of those who make the resolution pledge will still be adhering to the new discipline as long as six months later. That is enough to turn anyone’s flab to abs!” he said.

Mr Richards said Club Physical developed a 12-week Transformation Programme in 1991 and improved the package each year.

The next 12-week programme will commence in February from its 11 locations in Auckland.

“The average weight loss is currently 13.9 cms, average body fat reduction 8.7% and average drop in blood pressure 11 points,” Mr Richards said.

Further details can be obtained from him on 027-2917989.

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