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Melissa Lee

New Zealand is at the forefront of the Digital Media Future of the World. 

Thanks to the work of Digital Champions such as Steven Joyce, Simon Bridges and Amy Adams, by the end of 2022, more than 87% of New Zealanders will be able to access Ultra-Fast Broadband making us one of the top five most connected countries in the OECD.

Our nation is now getting connected and it was National who made this possible.

Expensive but extensive

Connecting New Zealand has not been cheap but the returns will be almost incalculable due to the phenomenal changes that top international standards of fibre and mobile connectivity can bring to business, science and innovation in our society.

New Zealand’s Telecommunications and Digital Media industry is embracing a future shaped by a forward thinking nation with a No 8 Wire Approach to solving problems and developing new ways of thinking and is helping all businesses small and large get ahead through the ability to access new clients and new tools to support their industries.

Championing the future

These are just some of the reasons I am proud to serve as National’s Broadcasting Spokesperson and champion for the future of New Zealand’s Digital Media.

The Ultra-Fast Broadband rollout and the RBI initiative are now both well underway for completion and by the time National returns to government, nationwide rollout of 5G Mobile Technology will be the next important step of New Zealand’s communications future.

Our nation has to be ready to constantly innovate and re-focus our priorities as the Digital future of Aotearoa comes to it’s next peak.

This year I have been all around New Zealand meeting digital media leaders, companies and innovators because I believe all digital stakeholders and all communications providers have to have a chance to be listened to whether they are based in Auckland, Rotorua, Taradale or Ashburton.

Developing National Heritage

The future of digital New Zealand is not just for the urban kiwi and the mainstream business. Multicultural New Zealanders have embraced and often led the digital revolution with their own Mobile Apps, Websites and Media content adding to the better development of our national heritage.

Platforms like Kakaotalk and Wechat (and new associated Wechat Pay and Kakao Taxi) are used heavily among Chinese and Korean New Zealanders but have little uptake among Pakeha. Likewise, Digital platforms in the Mainstream also change; 10 years ago Bebo and Myspace were the premier social media sites, now Facebook and Twitter have become the primary way for many New Zealanders to interact online.

Scope for global cooperation

On an inter-government level, there is significant scope for collaboration. Nations such as India and Estonia have particularly embraced a digital future for their people.

Platforms such as Aadhaar and the Indian Government’s Unique Identification Authority are, as the New Zealand Business Number and RealMe provide for Kiwis, helping people in their country from all walks of life engage with government more easily and more efficiently. They are helping business cut through the red tape and get on with selling their brand and their story to the world.

New Zealand’s voice is digital and National is embracing and championing this amazing vision for all kiwi families and businesses. 

National has always been a party for those who believe in Competitive enterprise and reward for achievements and our digital nation is once more on the cusp of something truly special.

This time, however, it will be an amazing technological future that is the rock star of our economy and our digital future will be the frontier of our next stage as a nation of entrepreneurs, achievers and doers.

National looks forward to continuing its important work in this space.

Era of connectivity

As we look ahead past 2020 we are seeing a future of connectivity involving 5G, 6G faster internet, exciting innovation changes and new ideas.

Aotearoa is at the forefront of that and I look forward to continuing to work with stakeholders from all parts of New Zealand as we move into the next exciting digital journey.

Melissa Lee is a Member of Parliament on National List and the Party’s Spokesperson for Broadcasting, Communications, Digital Media and Ethnic Communities.


Photo Caption:

  1. Melissa Lee
  2. Melissa Lee is reportedly the first Korean woman to hold office outside Korea. She is seen here debating in the New Zealand Parliament (VNP Photo by Phil Smith, RNZ)
  3. The future will takes us on an exciting digital journey

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