Diversity to mark Eid Food Festival

Residents of Auckland and visitors to the City will be able to taste a variety of ethnic cuisines at an International Food fair scheduled to be held next fortnight.

Called, The International Eid Festival,’ it will be held on Sunday, August 17 from 930 am to 530 pm at the Kelston Community Centre, Awaroa Park.

West Auckland community and social worker Anne Pala is the driving force behind the project, which will be showcased as the First International Eid Food Festival.

Although Eid Al Fitr, marking the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan was celebrated this week, the forthcoming event has a larger purpose.

Diverse nationalities

Mrs Pala hoped that the Festival will bring together diverse nationalities, their foods and traditions in one space.

“With about 1.5 million people in Auckland and events such as Pasifika, Lantern and Diwali and Christmas celebrations held every year, it is also time to celebrate the 40 plus ethnically diverse Muslim nationalities living in the Auckland region,” she said.

She said that the Muslim community is proud of its partnership with the Auckland Council (Henderson Massey and Whau local Boards) to achieve peace building and understanding amongst people.

Mrs Pala has in the past collaborated with the West Auckland community to bring events such as the Inaugural Diwali and the International Race Relations Day.

“Fun events bring much needed social inclusion and social stability. The forthcoming Eid Festival is a further effort from likeminded people keen to promote intercultural and interethnic diversity and appreciate change, challenge and celebrations,” she said.

“West Auckland is proud of its diversity. It is about sharing the culinary delights of many countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, India, Somalia and Fiji, to mention a few,” she added.

Awards Night

As a prelude to the Festival, the ‘Women Who Inspire’ Awards will be presented at a gala dinner on August 16, 2014 at the same venue, with Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy as the Chief Guest speaker.

Further details can be obtained from Anne Pala on 021-813607

Email: annpala@nixcrew.com

Photo: Anne Pala- the driving force


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