Divya Nayyar

The increasing popularity of Indian cuisine and the need for consuming health foods have encouraged New Zealanders to seek groceries, snacks and other items made in India, Fiji and other parts of South Asia.

This popularity has in turn encouraged establishment of Indian stores dealing with an ever-widening range of products. Among them is SSPRN New Zealand Limited, trading in the name of Saluja’s Food & Spices at 13/2 Bishop Dunn Place in East Tamaki, Auckland.

Growing popularity

Owner and Director Divya Nayyar is gratified that the store has grown in popularity since she purchased the business more than 15 months ago.

“I thank all our loyal customers who have patronised our store with unconditional loyalty, and their constant feedback has helped us to cater to their varied needs,” she said.

Divya said that although competition is fierce, her commitment to quality products and customer service based on good business ethics will always remain the core operating principle.

Aiming higher

“We wish to take this retail store to a higher level and create a niche in the market. Our customers will soon see changes that will enhance the level of service and our brand image in the market,” she said.

For a mother of two young children, managing a family and a supermarket may appear to be a formidable task but Divya enjoys the routine of at least 12 hours a day throughout the year.

“It is indeed a pleasure to serve people and I believe that the greatest reward for all hard work is seeing a smile on their faces,” Divya said.


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