Domestic pets add value to human life

Company and fun are very important for a person.

These things teach you the actual meaning of life and other ultra-important values.

Responsibility, ownership, relationship-building, and, most important, how to stay happy are among the teachings of life that come as whole package.

When you have that best friend in your life, you find yourself automatically learning these skills. And you will someday even realise that growing with a pet has made you a better person!

There years ago I pleaded with my mother for the company of an animal friend. I was lonely and sad due to what I thought was my inability to make friends, I decided that a pet would help me overcome my solitude.

It was therefore a great joy when Rocko (a mixed breed of Labrador and Border Collie) came home as a puppy as a Christmas gift from my parents. I was ecstatic (Well, duh!).

I was much attached to electronic gadgets, including iPod and computer. All that changed when Rocko entered my life. I was taught the meaning of responsibility.

The feeling that one experiences while taking care of a pet is blissful. Pets can teach a lot, even the simple task of feeding them makes one understand our duty to others.

Health boosters

Hanging out with a pet can be fun. While playing with them or walking them, you give them exercise, and get a work out yourself. What a fun way to stay fit!

Pets are actually considered health boosters. They are found to reduce anxiety and depression. Pet owners have reduced blood pressure in stress situations, and have lower triglyceride and cholesterol (indicators of heart disease) levels than those without pets.

Isn’t this a great way of living healthy!

They welcome you home every time. I find it great as Rocko greets me by jumping over and licking my hand when I return home from school every day.

Pets always reciprocate love. People tend to become distant as they age. They believe, especially on retirement, that they are not wanted even by their family members. They can derive great pleasure in the company of a pet dog.

Shared love

Pets add value to your routine. Despite your bad or sullen mood, you know that you must feed, exercise, and care for your pet. You are actually introduced (or re-introduced) to parenthood. If you have adopted a pet from the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), you would have rescued him or her from cruelty and abuse.

Therefore, pets are a great addition to anyone’s life.

They are great friends and can help you in numerous ways.

Growing with a pet teaches you many things, and makes life worth living.

Thirteen-year-old Muskan Devta is increasingly gaining attention in New Zealand for her proficiency in the spoken and written word. Her book ‘i dream’ has had rave reviews and she donated $2500 realised from the proceeds of sales in February to Starship Foundation. Copies of the book can be purchased by writing to

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