Domestic Violence Counselling Centre opens

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A Non-Governmental Organisation that has been providing assistance and support to victims of family violence (women and men) has recently opened an office with additional facilities and services.

Roopa Aur Aap Charitable Trust (RAA) shifted to its new premises last fortnight.

The facility, located at 1193B, Dominion Road in Mount Roskill will function as the main office of the Trust.

“Our staff number is small but each of them is qualified, and committed to serving the community. RAA is focused on catering to the needs of people of Indian, Fijian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi and Nepalese origin. Members of our staff speak a number of languages including English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu and Bengali,” Roopa Suchdev, Chairperson of the Trust said.

Victims of Violence

The Mission of the Trust is to help any woman or man in Auckland affected by domestic violence and abuse to overcome the mental and emotional harm and rebuild their life.

The Trust runs a Family Support Group called, ‘Jaagriti’ (Awakening) to offer support to children affected by family violence.

“The Trust has been providing family support services since 2008 and is fast expanding its activities. As we continue to expand our services to cover all sections of the South Asian communities, we are encouraged by the increasing recognition that RAA has been receiving all over New Zealand. We have successfully bonded many families and resolved several domestic violence cases in Auckland,” Ms Suchdev said.


Strategic Partnership

The Trust works in partnership with other organisations and provides specialist services to minority groups.

“This focus enables us to provide a high quality, committed, dedicated service that does help women turn their lives around,” Ms Suchdev said.

Although the primary activity of the organisation is associated with domestic violence victim assistance and support, it also actively provides help and advice to people suffering difficulties and hurdles in life. These include families suffering unexpected tragedies, migrants and international students who face problems and challenges.

Specialist Services

“Our counsellors specialise in controlling anger, depression, decision-making, grief and loss, stress, anxiety, trauma, relationships, conflict resolution, parenting, and self-esteem. RAA provides free professional and culturally appropriate supportive services,” Ms Suchdev said.

While worksops enable people to understand their rights and servics avaiable through RAA, cultural programmes bring together people for amusement, entertainment and fellowship.

The Trust also conducts fundraising programmes to support victims of natual disasters in various parts of the world.



  1. Roopa Suchdev (right) with Nivedita Vij and an official of Auckland District Board at a Health Workshop held recently
  2. Roopa Suchdev with participants at a ‘Settling Professionally in New Zealand’ Workshop conducted by Rishi Bhatnagar

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