Eastern Bay offers exciting times

The growing community in Eastern Bay with its rich potential for growth offers exciting opportunities for individuals and companies to do business and lead a great lifestyle, a recent ‘migrant’ has said.

Sneha Gray, who was recently appointed to the post of General Manager at TOI- EDA, the Economic Development Agency of the region, is a New Zealander of Indian origin, who recently returned from UK.

She said that she was excited about working for the Agency and with people who have a genuine passion to see the region succeed.

“There cannot be a community without an economy, and that community cannot take pride in itself if the business of business is not done in a sustainable way. I believe that it is about finding a fine balance between the two,” she said.

Ms Gray said that she would work with community leaders, economists, business leaders, councils, iwi, environmentalists, educators and other economic development agencies to lift the profile of Eastern Bay.

Good credentials

With a number of qualifications including a graduate degree (BA) in Arts, with specialisation in History, Economics, Political Science and Communications, a postgraduate (MA) degree in Communications and Public Relations and a graduate diploma in Public Relations, she has worked for several leading international organisations including KPMG.

In 2010, she won the Public Relations Institute Award for KPMG’s Agribusiness Marketing and Communications Strategy,’

Ms Gray manages ‘Fresh Reputations,’ a company that she established while living in UK during the past two years.

Following her return to New Zealand, she worked for Ngati Awa Tertiary.

TOI-EDA Chair Tony de Farias, said that the organisation looked forward to the achievement of its goals, with the appointment of Ms Gray.

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