EBook tackles sexual abuse of children

As a part of its initiative to commemorate Counselling Awareness Week (May 9 to 16), Auckland based Home and Family Counselling is launching a free EBook titled, Say No to Bottom Games, which has already generated significant interest.

The EBook aims to assist parents to speak to their children about measures against sexual abuse.

According to Children’s Councillor Anya Godwin, who has written the Book, many parents do not know what to tell their children.

“Cultural issues are also part of the wall of silence. It can be a minefield to find an education programme that has ‘one-size-fits-all approach,’ as we have so many ethnicities in New Zealand. I have given suggestions that offer ideas on how to speak about this topic but it may still find controversy with some cultural beliefs and family values,” she said.

Ms Godwin said sexual abuse is experienced across cultures and social classes and that we need to be vigilant to explain this to all New Zealanders.

“I realise there are cultural factors that prevent dialogue about this topic and in such cases, this Book could be an invitation to concerned parents to come up with their own ideas about how to discuss safety with their children,” she said.

Sexual abuse relies on silence, secrecy and on people being victims. In some communities, silence is kept not only by the child victims but also by adults who know about the abuse but do not disclose it, she said.

Ms Godwin urged people who know of abuse to come forward and help children.

Say No to Bottom-Games has two sections, the first of which guides parents on how to talk to children using age-appropriate language.

The Second Section features stories for parents to read to their children to support the messages in the previous Section.

Ms Godwin said parents and children piloted the Book.

Parents who have been involved believe that they now have a reference point to start conversations.

“Children have loved the stories too, they can colour pictures and the messages are very easy to understand,” she said.

The E-Book also offers suggestions to parents to handle children disclosing child sexual abuse, as well as places they find help.

Anyone interested in the EBook can obtain a free copy on May 9 by signing up online www.homeandfamily.org.nz

Counselling Awareness Week

May 9 to 15, 2011

Launch by Governor General Sir Anand Satyanand

Slogan Competition

We say, ‘It’s better to talk.” What do you say?

Write a slogan of up to 12 words in any language promoting Counselling.

The Winning Entry will receive a fabulous mystery prize basket at a Celebration Breakfast on May 10 at Sorrento in the Park, One Tree Hill. The Winner will be notified on May 6, 2011.

Enter online www.homeandfamily.org.nz; post entries to P O Box 67120 Mt Eden, Auckland 1349 or Email pr@homeandfamily.org.nz on or before May 4, 2011.

Include name, age, contact number and address. All short-listed entries will be notified on our website.

For additional information and to register for the next group, call 6308961 (Extn 0).

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