Education extends to preschool

West Auckland’s only independent primary and secondary school, ACG Sunderland, is set to open a new addition this term.

The preschool will cater for three and four year olds and is on the existing Henderson location with the primary and secondary schools.

“Our preschool is a boutique size, catering to approximately 20 to 25 children. The smaller size sets it apart from other preschools in the area. We feel that we can offer a unique learning experience for individuals and their families,” ACG Sunderland Principal Nathan Villars said.

There are many benefits to joining a preschool that is attached to a primary and secondary school.

For the young students at the preschool have a complete transition into the primary.

They already know the expectations of the school, and have a relationship with their new schoolteacher. They will also have the use of facilities, the library, specialist art room and the gymnasium.

Developing skills

Developing the skills in preschool children to help them be school-ready is a part of teaching at the preschool. Children are helped to develop responsibility for their own belongings, and independence in their learning.

Children will leave the preschool knowing how to sit quietly and concentrate on the mat and will have a solid comprehension of early literacy and numeracy.

The teacher, child ratio is above that recommended by the Education Ministry.

All teachers are either qualified or completing their qualifications. All teachers also hold current first aid qualifications.

“For many families, one of the first questions is the cost. We meet the Education Ministry’s requirements for 20 free ECE hours a week for three and four year olds. We have a daily charge on top of this which is in line with other private early educational facilities in the area,” Mr Villars said.

With 10 children already enrolled, even before opening, it is a positive start for the beautifully appointed new preschool.

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