Efforts to boost business growth continue

Just a few months into 2013, it is already shaping up to be a busy year for our National-led Government.

We are building on the momentum of the last four years as we continue with our plan to take New Zealand forward.

Our priorities remain clear: to responsibly manage the Government’s finances and return to budget surplus; to create a more competitive and productive economy; to drive better results from public services; and to support the rebuild of Christchurch.

In the face of on-going global uncertainty, the economy remains our main focus this year. We have already accomplished a lot.

We have made a huge turnaround in the government’s books, we have brought in the biggest changes to the tax system in a generation, and we are putting in place the right conditions to help businesses grow, hire more staff, and invest in the future.

Among other things, we have introduced 90-day trials for small and medium-sized businesses; set time limits for the consenting of large projects under the Resource Management Act; and kick-started a multi-billion dollar programme of infrastructure investment.

Works in progress

Still, we have a very substantial work programme ahead.

We will press ahead with a wide range of measures to build a more productive and competitive economy that is built on the solid foundations of investment, exports, and savings. Through our comprehensive Business Growth Agenda, we want to turn the New Zealand economy into a magnet for investment.

We welcome investment that benefits New Zealand.

We are keeping our own costs down and ensuring that people have the right skills to contribute to the workforce.

We want to ensure that the country has the infrastructure it needs to grow, and that is why we are focused on opportunities to use our natural resources productively and sustainably.

Strengthening economy

The Government’s economic plan is laying the foundations for a stronger economy, sustainable jobs and higher incomes.

The world is full of opportunities for New Zealand over the next few years and we should seize those opportunities with both hands.

Our country is heading in the right direction and we remain as committed as ever to building a bright future for all New Zealanders.

John Key is Prime Minister of New Zealand. The above article is exclusive to Indian Newslink.


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