Electionlink launch opens the battle gates

Venkat Raman – 

Prime Minister Bill English is a serious man, committed to his job, and as the Finance Minister since November 2008, he has had the envious task of managing the fiscal policy of the country which had to face a series of challenges including the global financial crisis, earthquakes, aftershocks and other natural disasters.

Amidst all the wrinkles that his role causes, he is also a man of humour, a simple farmer who believes in reaching out to people, and a man with high social, moral and religious values.

Labour Party Leader Andrew Little, who also leads the Opposition, is a man with passion, seeking social justice for all, and aspiring to be the next Prime Minister to provide good governance with strong principles that dictate the tenets of his Party.

Fortunately for us in New Zealand, our politicians are above graft, and are down-to-earth people, aware that the people of this country would not tolerate any breach of moral or financial borders.

Except that their views are reported differently without the advantage of a proper analysis and discussion.

A Regular Feature

The launch of ‘Electionlink’ of this newspaper by Prime Minister Bill English on behalf of the National Party on Monday, February 27, 2017 and by Andrew Little on behalf of the Labour Party of New Zealand on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 marked the beginning of what promises to be an honest carrier of news and views in a major battle for the ballot.

Following this launch, ‘Electionlink’ will be a regular feature in all our issues commencing with this edition and carry views, opinions, features written by politicians, supporters of political parties and most important of all, our people. As in the past, this would be a no-holds-barred, free-for-all pages. Those with strong political views would be able to use this veritable platform openly and frankly, keeping of course to the confines of decency and legitimate limits of propriety.

Elections are fought in the free world with ferocity, with politicians and their supporters accusing their opponents of almost anything that they believe, without the obligation of having to provide any proof.

Until recently, general elections in New Zealand were marked by humour, goodwill for each other, with hardly any personal references. But over the past few years, the gloves have come off and politicians have not only begun to punch but also resort to a war of words, which, according to many, is ‘Dirty Politics.’

We are balanced

Ministers, Parliamentarians of all groupings often tell us the New Zealand Media is biased but many of them are totally tilted towards the National Party.

MPs and selected candidates of opposition parties say that their statements and speeches are always taken out of context by some in the print media and on the radio and hence the people do not get the benefit of balanced views.

Indian Newslink has always been a newspaper that has been neutral in its approach towards politics. Our platform is open with leaders of political parties and others to promote their policies and programmes.

The launch of ‘Electionlink’ will provide additional room in our print edition, our Bi-weekly Newsletters (issued on Wednesdays and Saturdays), our three web editions and in the Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) to enable people to participate more seriously in the democratic process.

Electionlink launch reports appear on Pages 2, 6 and 7 of this issue.

Photo Caption: The War has begun: Labour and its leader Andrew Little (left) and National and its leader Bill English (right) have a huge task ahead (Indian Newslink Picture ©)

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