Electoral Commission chairperson reappointed

Mark Mitchell

Wellington, September 5, 2017

Former High Court Judge Sir Hugh Williams QC has been reappointed as chairperson of the Electoral Commission for a further term of 18 months.

Sir Hugh continues to provide the Commission with very able legal and strategic leadership and Im pleased he has agreed to continue to serve in this important office.

Appointment to the role is made by the Governor-General on Parliaments recommendation.

Sir Hugh has been reappointed for 18 months so he can oversee the reporting processes that will follow the General Election.

About Sir Hugh Williams

Sir Hugh was appointed a Judge of the High Court in 1995 and retired from the bench in 2009. He was appointed president of the former Electoral Commission in 2009 and then chairperson of the present Commission in 2011.

The Electoral Commission administers parliamentary elections and referenda, the allocation of time and money for the broadcast of election programmes, conduct of the Mori Electoral Option, and supports the work of the Representation Commission, which sets electoral boundaries, provides advice, reports and public education on electoral matters, and electoral enrolment services for both parliamentary and local body elections.

Mark Mitchell is Associated Minister of Justice of New Zealand.


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