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Career Development plan keep your staff productive

Lucy Wyndham

Auckland, December 16, 2017

A large part of engaging in the development of a career is to go through training and provide feedback.

For all business owners, receiving feedback from employees plays a significant role in how new hires are trained, making features like company surveys and internal research crucial.

After all, career development can only take place if an employee is trained properly, which directly relates to the responses from customers, clients, and co-workers in terms of overall satisfaction and best practices.

Career Development Resources

In many cases, businesses in New Zealand have a reputation for promoting a do-it-yourself mentality amongst the various working parts.

For some, this means innovation and growth is possible for employees of all backgrounds, including people of Indian, Pakistani, and Sri Lankan backgrounds, amongst others. With a diverse workforce, many local and corporate companies have career development resources in place that can help retain talent and meet the needs of every worker.

Staff Retention

But the key to understanding the level of overall satisfaction amongst workers is to administer regular employee surveys, which will ultimately boost staff retention. Delivering a survey that seeks to understand staff development and general satisfaction within the company is a great way for employers to explore the positives and negatives affecting productivity.

Staff retention, or a company’s ability to keep employees, will matter to new hires, as they would prefer to work for a business with a high retention rate.

Utilising the feedback from surveys gives employers the chance to understand the exact level of employee satisfaction and make possible changes to encourage greater happiness and success.

Survey Measures

A strong, beneficial employee survey should be administered at least once a year in addition to performance reviews.

This way, business owners will have the requisite information from opposite ends of the spectrum, both how employees feel that they are performing, and how their managers and co-workers know they are performing.

A good employee survey should measure (a) Employee happiness (b) Long-term career goals (c) Employee appreciation (d) Employee plans within company

By measuring these four areas, employees will have the opportunity to tell employers if they feel valued and how they plan to implement their personal career goals.

Measuring levels of employee happiness helps business owners to know precisely how productive their company will be, as satisfaction commonly leads to successful results.

Company Culture

In many cases, you may need to give your employees an incentive to give you detailed, valuable feedback. For some businesses, it may make sense to utilise surveys with monetary compensation that still provide the sought-after information. Or, it may be wiser to offer bonuses or other types of rewards to employees for taking the survey.

However, your business decides to go about the process, the decision will reflect on your overall company culture.

Knowing the results of the survey, employers can instil an appealing company culture and gain greater insight into the workplace community that has been cultivated.

A company’s culture is defined as its character and personality that is constructed by the shared traditions, values, attitudes, and interactions.

In general, the company’s leaders set the parameters of the workplace culture, and the various employees carry it out.

Honest feedback

With the use of surveys, employers give the employees the chance to be freely honest and express their opinions towards the details of the community culture.

If they are unsatisfied with some element of the company on the communal level, it may keep them from achieving and doing their job.

Surveys can therefore contribute to the organisational growth of a company, as business owners will know the areas that need improvement and attention.

Administering employee surveys is thus highly useful for businesses to understand the levels of satisfaction amongst their workers and gain helpful insights that can ultimately boost staff retention and lead to greater success as a company.


Lucy Wyndham is Content Editor for a Survey and Review Site based in New Zealand.

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