Eternal Dance of Liberation lifts the human soul

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Every artist first has an image, just in thoughts, and then some unseen force helps to capture it on camera. A process where one thought expands into a vast horizon. I call it ‘Spiritual Art Photography.’

i am the fragrance

i am the voice of wandering winds

i am the sound of silence

i am the fusion of mind and soul

In my series, ‘Eternal Dance of Celebration,’ I made an attempt to portray the existential truth.  These intense visuals are a representation of great value where I tried to follow my being, into a state of the unknown.

i stay with the soul

i witness the present

The Raw State

The journey begins from a raw state of being to a state of pure bliss. Here body is one end of the soul and the soul is another end of the body.

It is therefore, a journey from divine to divine.

i am higher than the highest star

deeper than the deepest ocean

farther than the farthest point

The journey in search of the Divine takes me to various realms of an existential truth.

Sometimes, I stand still and wait for spring to arrive so that I can have the nectar of the gods. The very next moment, I am back to the basic state, a constant conflict of existential truth and a transition from the state of BAQA (unknown) to the state of FANNA (Total Dissolution).

from the unreal, lead me to the real

from darkness, lead me to light

from ignorance, lead me to knowing

Bliss that I witness but never can express.

External Expressions

With every theme I work on, my external expressions may be different but my inner joy is the same. Every time I pick the camera, I am never alone some unseen force is always with me.

i sit not with holy men upon hill tops

i talk not of wisdom and it’s roads

i please not my god and my religion

i am a wanderer.. in search of my own

I have not created this series; it has happened to me.

This series of existential truth talks about the eternal evolution coming out of dark and reaching the ultimate light of freedom. Some call it ‘Inner Liberation’…

Photography… I breath it, I dream it. I live it, I love it… it’s a medium to me to express my inner self.

About Ashok Kochhar

Ashok Kochhar is an artist, a visual expert and an esoteric personified. While his images leave the spectators gasping, his thought and expression stir the deepest emotions and cast a spell of magnificence hard to explain in words.

It is often said that only a painter in a photographer can create wondrous and exotic visuals. In about two decades (he started only in the late 1980s), Kochhar has worked for almost all major corporates in India. His engineering qualifications and background in Engineering brings into focus accuracy and sharp vision, both important attributes to photography.

Throughout his career, Kochhar has worked on high quality equipment, matching international standards. He is stated to be among a handful of photographers who use the best technology and techniques available globally.

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