Ethnic Poetry explodes in the Kitchen with spice

Ethnic Poetry explodes in the Kitchen with spice

“Go Home Curry Muncha” opens on February 19
Writers/Directors: Gemishka Chetty and Aiwa Pooamorn

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Auckland, February 10, 2019

When two angry Asian poets get together to cook, no one can predict what comes next.

It could well be a thunderstorm; loud noise of coconuts being smashed and demonic Kali incantations.

With the ever popular ‘Turmeric latte’ on the rise, Gemishka Chetty and Aiwa Pooamorn simmer their poetry, Asian Cuisine, and performance art into a dish, best served spicy.

Ethnic Slur reclaimed

Reclaiming the ethnic slur by delivering an explosive MasterChef style competition asking audiences to judge the most authentic dish, this show will dissect cultural identity from the perspective of migrants and children of migrants living in New Zealand.

As the heat in the kitchen grows, so would the rage of these women and their dynamic ‘ethnic poetry.’

With their provocative words taking the poetry scene by storm, these artists from ‘Go Home Curry Muncha’ will not be holding back on their voices.

Gemishka (‘The Grand Opening,’ ‘Brown Noize’) and Aiwa  (Plastice Orgasm, [other] Chinese), and will be dishing up a visceral experience.

Quirky Perspective

This nuanced art performance show brings a bold and slightly quirky perspective to the cultural landscape of Auckland.

According to Alice Canton (and others), “Aiwa Pooamorn has the wit, sorrow and fire, unlike any artist with who I have worked. Her sensual imagery tips from flirtatious to dangerous – to listen to her writing and watch her perform is to both exhale with laughter and gasp in distress. She is a brilliant emerging artist and definitely one to watch.”

Fearless Performers        

Renee Liang said that Aiwa and Gemishka are fearless performers, demolishing stereotypes and assumptions with wit, candour and more than a little sass.

“They take the greatest joy in surprising and outwitting audience expectations while simultaneously charming with their wordplay.”

Auckland Fringe Festival

Presented as a part of the Auckland Fringe Festival from February 19 to March 3, 2019, ‘Go Home Curry Muncha’ will also be performing at the Performance Arcade in Wellington from February 21 to 24, 2019.

It will also be played at the Basement Theatre on March 1 and March 2, 2019 at 8 pm; Koha Entry only. For Bookings, please call phone iTicket 09 361 1000 or book online
Full programme details at

For more information, please contact Gemishka Chetty on 021-02664069


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