Excellence in IT deserves recognition

Information Technology has revolutionised businesses and achievers in the field should be recognised and rewarded, a senior executive has said.

Chandan Ohri, Advisory Partner for ICT at KPMG based in Auckland, said that India has emerged as a leader in the sector and that a number of commercial organisations owned, operated and managed by people of Indian origin in New Zealand have excelled in the field.

“The popularity of the computers and the subsequent creation of the worldwide web changed the way we live. It has permeated every sphere of activity. I am happy that Indian Newslink has created a new category to recognise achievers in this sector as part of its Awards scheme,” he said.

As published in this newspaper (March 1, 2012), KPMG New Zealand is the sponsor of the ‘Business Excellence in ICT’ Category, introduced this year as a part of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards.

“We are delighted that this new Award category recognises the leading role many Indian businesses play in the converging space of IT and telecommunications in New Zealand. For us at KPMG it is a great fit with the work we do with our many clients in the technology space,” Mr Ohri said.

He said advances in technology have brought the world to a common cyber space, offering immense benefits to businesses and individuals.

“Information is power in a closely integrated world. Today every aspect of life is either on the Internet or governed by it. The cyber world has reached its zenith,” he said.

But such technology should be carefully handled, since it has been pushed to an extent that has meant erosion of privacy and confidentiality, he said.

“The future seemed boundless and bright. Only a few short decades ago, it was a concept, an abstraction too fantastic to enter the realm of reality. But it came and it conquered,” he said.

“And like all things this too comes at a price. There is a majority in the mainstream and a minority that exists in parallel. This has always been so. But never before has the minority had the means and opportunity to wreck such havoc to put a spanner in the motor of commerce, politics and communities to spread rumours and even more alarmingly the truth about the inner machinations of the political world and the world in which we live,” he said.

But Mr Ohri was confident that despite a few untoward developments, information technology has accrued immense benefits for the betterment of humanity, not only in trade and commerce but also in education, medicine and a host of other fields.

“We at KMPG look forward to the Awards Ceremony (on November 19, 2012) at which the business community will applaud achievers,” he said.


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