Expert outlines importance of ‘Retail Security’

While large and medium-sized businesses understand the importance of security, owner-operated enterprises and many organisers of programmes and events ignore its significance.

“Retail Security’ should not be overlooked. Like most other countries of the world, New Zealand in general and Auckland in particular is witnessing increasing incidences of brawls and disturbances at public places,” Yousef Alshemari, Founder and Chief Executive of Marshal Security Services Limited said.

He said people attending weddings, birthday parties and social gatherings deserve safety and security as much as those participating in public functions such as entertainment programmes and similar events.

His Company provided security at the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards held at ASB Stadium in Kohimarama on May 12 (Indian Newslink, May 15, 2012).

“Although the organisers were confident that only people of good standing would be attending the Awards Ceremony, they did not want to leave anything to chance. We provided our security personnel at the entrance as well as inside the auditorium,” Mr Alshemari said.

General Manager Gary Sirohi said that his Company, since its establishment in 2005, has been covering all aspects of security for companies and individuals.

“Our primary areas of expertise include Retail Security, Static and Motor Patrols, VIP and Close Protection, Alarm Response and Monitoring, Security Concierge Services and Event Security.

“We have permanent staff stationed at properties. We also offer security staff at events and provide round-the-clock patrols and emergency services,” he said.

Marshal Security provides security services to prime properties in Auckland, including Heritage Hotel, Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre, Bianco off Queens and Oaks on Hobson Apartments, the Wharf, Orakei Bay Function Centre, Mr Sirohi said.

The Company was in charge of security arrangements at the high society wedding of Chicago based Vikram Kumar and former Miss Earth Pooja Chitgopeker held at Formosa Club in South Auckland held on January 7, 2011 (Indian Newslink, January 15, 2011).

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