Faith in God gives meaning and purpose in life – Model of the Fortnight

Family unity, community work and welfare, support and assistance to those in need and most important of all Service to God at least once a week at the Community Church are among the finest traits of Lilly Ise Tomanogi, our Model of the Fortnight.

It is rare for us to feature young women from other ethnic groups in this column (we need to make amends soon) but the powerful lens of our Wellington based Photographer Bhikhu Bhula captured this 22-year-old Samoan and the moment he sent us a sample of his recent photoshoot, the choice was obvious.

Lilly is a typical Islander; she is multicultural, loves to meet people from varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds and understand their customs and lifestyles.

It was bitten by the travel bug that she joined the Wellington Institute of Technology where she is a second-year student pursuing Tourism Management.

“I wish to travel the world in future, in the hope that it would help mould me into a well-rounded individual,” she said.

Religious fervour and community service comes naturally for Lilly who hails from a family of well-meaning people. Her father is a Minister at the Methodist Church in Lower Hutt.

“I am a believer and sincerely thank God for blessing me with this opportunity of becoming a Model of the Fortnight. I believe that “first impressions make the best impressions” and hence dress and present myself well within the limited resources available to me,” she said.

Lilly has always had an eye for the camera but modelling has become a fashion since it “allows her to express her inner self.”

Lilly said she enjoys different fabrics, dress styles, hair styles and make-up.

I am equally comfortable in western as well as eastern fashion. I am particularly fond of anything Indian, with their vibrant colours, jewellery and adornments. Sari is my favourite dress and everything that goes with it!” Lilly said.

Bhikhu Bhula did not need further hints. His camera took over for the remaining part of the shoot and results can be seen between now and Diwali.

-Venkat Raman

Photography: Bhikhu Bhula

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