Fast Food franchise offers fast progress

Among these is Country Chicken & Pizza Express with promising prospects.

It is the result of Australia’s Peter Austin’s decision to establish a food technology company to investigate various ways of solving a number of problems that challenged the industry three years ago.

Country Chicken & Pizza Express system is an Australian premier fast food franchise opportunity, providing a complete turnkey fast food restaurant concept tailored to suit any country and any market conditions.

The brand today accounts for more than 450 outlets worldwide including Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Russia. The franchise will shortly become operational in India.

Country Chicken & Pizza Express is well positioned as a premium quality product at affordable prices to a cross-section of the communities in which it operates.

This franchise delivers a mix of products to satisfy the taste and dietary needs of the entire family and over years, it is regarded a ‘One-Stop-Shop.’

Among its popular offerings are chicken products, burgers and subs, wraps and sandwiches as well as fish products and broad pizza menu.

Country Chicken & Pizza Express outlets are geared to provide quick and convenient service in a clean and vibrant environment.

Health & Taste

Country Chicken & Pizza Express is known for its tastier, healthier and high quality products, returning real value against all competitive fast food products in the marketplace.

Country Fried Chicken & Pizzas, Country Chicken fried and roasted dishes boast of a unique flavour that has earned worldwide attention.

Country Chicken & Pizza Express products are not greasy or saturated in fatty oils. They are “Crisp & Light with a Taste Just Right.”

Franchise Opportunity

Country Chicken & Pizza Express offers opportunities for individuals and businesses to grow their franchise business with extensive support.

If you are one of those keen to establish your own enterprise, maximise profit potential and deal in a proven range of quality and healthier products, you should consider becoming a franchisee for Country Chicken & Pizza Express.

Such support is all encompassing with total products, R&D from product menus, store hardware and fit-out, point of sale display and brand marketing.

This company is an experienced franchisor who works with you, enabling you to succeed in your enterprise.

Country Chicken & Pizza Express offers a broad range of menu products to suit every taste and religion. These include Fried Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Burgers and Wraps, Sandwiches and Subs, selection of Salads, Potatoes and Gravies, Chips and Wedges, Fish products, Pizzas, Kids Menu and Deserts and Hot and Cold Beverages.

While you discover the success of your franchise, your customers will discover the unique flavour of Country Chicken & Pizza Express products.

Country fried chicken is easy and quick to prepare, and all products supplied to the retailer (including oil and seasoning) are also Halal approved.

A proven model

While franchising has proved to be the safest option for owning your own small business throughout the world, the question that often baffles prospective entrepreneurs is, “What kind of small business would be suitable, easy to manage and be profitable?”

The answer is simple: A small business which has a proven successful business model and one for which you have passion, would be the best suitable.

Country Chicken & Pizza Express offers a proven successful model if you have the passion and commitment to succeed. The Company will help you with Training (initial start-up and on-going Management and Operations).

The Company will also supply you detailed systems – from food preparation to delivery, Business Planning, Marketing, Human Resources Management. Field Support, IT and Operational Systems, Group Purchasing, Group Marketing, Pro-forma planning templates and Store Fit Out.


One of the most important elements of running a successful business is good planning. Country Chicken & Pizza Express is passionate about planning and as part of its system. The Company will assist and train the franchisees in business planning and budgeting.

As a prospective franchisee, it is important that during your due diligence you create a business plan and assess your potential profitability. Country Chicken & Pizza Express will assist you with Proforma business plan, Proforma profit and loss cash flow projection sheet, History of actual restaurant performance and Indicative expenses. These will enable you to calculate your potential profitability.

While the extent of your profitability and return on investment will depend on your propensity to invest, Country Chicken & Pizza Express can supply the tools that you need, but your return on investment is directly related to your effort and skills.

The training programme comprises four-week in-store training, on-going training at regular intervals, Operations and Training Manuals and regular visits from the Area Development Manager who will provide advice and assistance.


To qualify as a Country Chicken & Pizza Express franchisee, the Company will assess your skills and financial ability.

The following parameters would be applicable: Customer Service experience, Hands on approach, Outgoing personality, highly motivated and passionate outlook, and adequate funding.

Country Chicken & Pizza Express provides the formula for a successful business and you can be confident in the concept, but as ever in franchising, the responsibility for success rests in your hands which will be achieved through compliance to the system, quality management, good planning and the will to succeed.

For more information, contact Azad Sheikh, Master Franchisor, Country Chicken & Pizza Express, P O Box 23653, Papatoetoe, Auckland 2155 Phone (09) 2750941; Fax (09) 2750943; Mobile: 021-721829. Email:

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