Fifteen years of culture and talent call for celebration

Venkat Raman –

Fifteen years may seem like a wink on the vast canvas of time but they represent an important milestone in the life and career of Dharmesh Parikh.

He represents many aspects of showbusiness to people.

Participants and associates of ‘Miss Indianz,’ know him as an efficient, passionate and considerate producer and director. Since it began in 2002, this annual event has gone beyond being just a pageant.

“Do not use that word, please,” he would say, “Miss Indianz is neither a pageant nor a beauty contest. It is a cultural extravaganza, providing a platform for young women to portray their talent in music, dance, fashion, humour and intelligence. Thousands of people who watch the programme every year say that there is no parallel to Miss Indianz.”

Dharmesh was ten years old when his family migrated to New Zealand. Along with his elder brother Hemant (the ever-popular Radio Tarana programme host, among other things), he evinced interest in the Hindi film industry.

“We watched every Hindi film that was screened in Auckland. I longed to be a part of the industry,” Dharmesh said.

Following a six-month training with a top music teacher in India, Dharmesh began conducting Indian music classes in Auckland. He began to perform at various concerts.

“My first break came in 1996 when I was given an opportunity to perform on stage with Salman Khan and Dharmendra at the Logan Campbell Centre in Auckland,” he said.

The Rhythm of Life

He established an enterprise in 2002 and called it ‘Rhythm House,’ which is called ‘Rhythm House Productions Limited’ or ‘Rhythm Events Limited,’ primarily because he is a musician. People like us who have been with him since his formative years would know Dharmesh as a keyboard player.

“We started helping organisers of community events, Hindi film concerts and setting the foundation for the diversity stage for ASB Polyfest in 1998, but it just grew and grew. Rhythm House has produced and managed events not only in New Zealand, but also in the South Pacific. From Holi, Dussera and Diwali festivals to Bollywood feature films, it has been a privilege to be involved in several prestigious events such as the ‘Style Me Fashion Show’ at Rangitoto College, music concerts and community charity dinners,” Dharmesh said.

Growing talent

Dharmesh considers his involvement with show business as an amazing journey.

“From creative concepts to putting together detailed event plans, Rhythm House has been at the forefront of several events in New Zealand. Alongside commercial national and international event management and production services, we have provided some amazing opportunities for local talent to launch careers in the entertainment industry.

“Miss Indianz will mark its 15th Edition on September 16, 2017. Twenty contestants will step out on stage at the Aotea Centre in the hope of being crowned Miss Indianz 2017.”

Miss Indianz 2015 Winner Ashika Raj said, “I have keen interest in dancing, fashion and creative arts. I reflect a positive, loving, ambitious personality and believe that nobody should give up efforts in achieving their dreams.”

Raveena Singh Badwal, First Runner-Up at the same event, said that Miss Indianz is diverse.

“It is not about who is the most beautiful or who has the best body. It simply provides a platform for women to showcase how beauty can come in many ways and to express their love for Indian culture,” she said.

You can contact Dharmesh Parikh on 021-2727454; Email:


Further information on the shows in which Dharmesh and his Rhythm House have been involved since 2002 and a preview of Miss Indianz 2017 will appear in the ensuing editions of Indian Newslink as a serial.

Photo :

  1. Dharmesh Parikh
  2. Ashika and Raveena (Picture by Andre Bignall)
  3. Sunaina (Picture by David Watson)
  4. Sunaina (Picture by Tony McKay Commercial)

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