Financial Advisor wins another prestigious Award

The largest mortgage and insurance brokerage firm of Indian origin has won yet another Award from one of the largest commercial banks in the country.

Auckland based Global Financial Services Limited (GFSL) was won the ‘Number One Broker for New Money Advanced Award’ by ASB Bank in its entire network for the financial year 2013-2014. The first award of its type from ASB Bank made a significant addition to the impressive array of Award displayed at the offices of GFSL in Auckland.

Impressive Awards

Among the organisations that have honoured GFSL for their high ranking performance as mortgage brokers and insurance advisers are ANZ Bank, ASB Bank, Westpac Bank and AIA Insurance. The Company has also won the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards in several categories in 2009, 2010 and 2012, and the Supreme Business of the Year, Best Small Business, Marketing Excellence and Young Entrepreneur.

Professional relationship

Presenting the Certificate to GFSL Director Ajay Kumar at his office on Tuesday, November 11, 2014, ASB Head of Third Party Banking Marc Oliver said that his Bank’s relationship with GFSL dated back several years and that the Award recognised the impressive performance of the company during the past financial year.

“ASB Bank works closely with mortgage brokers to serve our customers in this segment. We have built our agency relationship with GFSL since its inception and this relationship is growing from strength to strength,” he said.

Paulette Trotter, ASB’s Auckland Broker Centre Manager, members of the Indian media and the staff of GFSL were present at the informal ceremony.

Earlier in the year, GFSL was rated as the ‘Top Individual Broker in the entire country across all the banks for the financial year 2013 by ‘The New Zealand Mortgage Mag.’

Mr Kumar said that the Awards and Citations augured well with the ongoing celebration of the 15th Anniversary of his Company.

People’s Company

“GFSL is all about people- our customers and our staff. We always act in the best interest of our customers and we thank them for their utmost support over the past 15 years. Our team works hard to not only get the best rates for our clients but also good customer service. Every day we fulfil hundreds of customer requests for new mortgage loans, refinancing, changes, insurance policies and other services,” he said.

Mr Kumar attributed the credit for his achievements including the Award by ASB Bank to his staff, their dedication and commitment, supported by state-of-the-art technology.

“GFSL keeps investing in new technologies to provide a better experience to its customers. This year also we have invested thousands of dollars in improving our CRM, email and telephone systems. We will be shortly investing in more advanced communication capabilities for better service delivery,” Mr Kumar said.

Early settlement

One of the most impressive aspects of GFSL is its ‘Special Formula’ that enables customers to liquidate their mortgage loans faster and be free of debts on this homes. Assessing the income, expenditure and propensity to save, Mr Kumar and his team have enabled hundreds of people to clear their mortgage loans within five, 10 or 15 years.

“The objective of every person who has a mortgage loan is to pay it off as soon as possible but many do not know how to achieve this objective. Our relationship does not end with the sanctioning of a loan. In fact, it begins there and we constantly evaluate our clients’ files and advise them to take appropriate action to be mortgage-free. Our ability to offer an extensive range of insurance services has been a major factor in our growth,” Mr Kumar said.

Photo : Ajay Kumar receives the ‘Number One Broker Award for New Money Advanced’ from Marc Oliver of ASB on November 11 at his office in Auckland

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