First Temple for Sri Om Devi coming up

Devotees of Sri Om Devi (an Avatar of Sakthi) in Auckland are justifiably excited as they prepare for the foundation ceremony to construct a Temple, the first of its type in New Zealand.

Sri Om Incorporated, established in July 2006 as a non-profitable charity organisation, owns the 710 Sq m complex located at 7, Tomo Street, New Lynn in Waitakere, where the Bhoomi Pooja will be held at 1030 am on January 29.

Jagad Guru Sri Om Adi Sakthiyendra Swamigal, who heads the Sri Om Adi Sakthi Ashram based in Avaloor, Chennai, India, will be present at the ceremony.

The Ashram, incorporating the ‘Sri Om Panchasakthi Petam,’ conducts a number of programmes and celebrates major festivals, the most important of which are ‘Chitra Pournami’ and ‘Navarathri.’

Apart from New Zealand, the Ashram has branches in Fiji (Labasa) and Australia (Sydney), where religious and community programmes are regularly held.

Vice-President N Arunachalam said construction of the complex, estimated to cost $500,000, is scheduled for completion next year.

“The new facility will be used for community meetings promoting world peace, self-realisation classes for children and support group meetings for families with children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorders.

“As well as sharing moral thoughts, the Centre will promote artistic talents among New Zealanders in general and the younger members of the society in particular through cultural and entertainment programmes,” he said.

Mr Arunachalam said that the organisation currently conducts its meetings and other activities at the Wesley Community Centre in Sandringham.

“These include monthly prayers for world peace, ‘Devi’s Voice,’ a free bimonthly magazine, Autism support group meetings and Self Realisation Classes for children to promote understanding of culture and moral values through simple stories and art activities,” he said.

True Renunciation

According to the Hindu belief, a person can attain the status of ‘Sanyas’ (True Renunciation) in three ways, namely, directly from God, from a Guru or on completion of materialistic duties.

Adi Sakthiyendra is reported to have obtained his ‘Sanyas’ directly from Sri Om Adi Sakthi Devi, a rare occurrence happening once every 1000 years.

Like other Sanyasis, he is said to have performed three types of penances- in a mountain during monsoon, cold water during winter and in fire during summer.

The Golden Rules

Among the teachings of Adi Sakthiyendra are 18 Golden Rules of human life. His book ‘Amudha Geethai,’ is a guide to such life.

His works include ‘Adi Sakthi Sahasranamam,’ ‘Devi Mahatmiyam,’ ‘Devi Pugazh Malai,’ and ‘Sri Om Adi Sakthi Kavacham.’ He has also taught the method of worshipping Sir Om Adi Sakthi Devi.

What: Bhoomi Pooja

For: Sir Om Devi Temple Complex

By: Sir Om Incorporated

Where: 7, Tomo Street, New Lynn, West Auckland

When: Sunday, January 29, 2012 at 1030 am

Contact: N Arunachalam on (09) 818 0101 Email:

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